Quinoa Dosai


No prizes for guessing the dosai for today. Q has too few options to debate over and so quinoa is a foregone conclusion. Usually I make quinoa dosai with rice flour and little wheat flour and the results are quite good. But this time I had some batter leftover after yesterday’s Patishapta Pitha and so I decided to modify that to make this Quinoa dosai.

There are primarily two popular ways to make dosais with varied flours. One is to mix rice flour with it and the other is to mix semolina. There are few other ways but you can safely mix any flour you have with either rice flour or rava and make tasty dosais. If you add curd along with the rava then the results are a soft dosai in the centre and a crisp edge.

You can click here to make a nearly perfect rava dosai

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Makes 8-9 dosais


1/3 cup Quinoa flour

1/4 cup Semolina / Rava

3 tbsp All purpose flour





  • Mix the quinoa flour, semolina, all purpose flour and salt in a bowl
  • Add sufficient water to make a runny batter similar in consistency to a rava dosai batter
  • Heat a tava and drizzle a little oil on it
  • Keep the gas in high flame
  • Take a ladle full of batter and spread it on the tava. It will spread in a lacey pattern
  • If there are large gaps in the dosai then fill it with a little batter
  • Spread a little oil around the edges
  • Once the edges start turning brown use a steel spatula to disengage the dosai from the tava and turn it over
  • Turn the gas to simmer and let the dosai cook for 30 seconds
  • Take it off the tava and repeat the procedure for the rest of the batter
  • Serve warm with chutney or sambhar
  • Enjoy!


  1. You can add finely chopped onions, coriander, pepper, etc. just like a rava dosai



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