Classic Chocolate Cake

    There are few things more comforting that chocolate cake….very few things. This is my third and final recipe from the Top 100 recipes. I followed the recipe completely. The only change was that I halved the recipe. It turned out so well. WHAT WE NEED Unsalted butter          1/3 cup Granulated Sugar      1/2 cup +  5 tbsp Eggs   … Continue reading Classic Chocolate Cake

Homemade Pizza

  My theme for this week’s theme is pretty interesting. I have to cook three recipes from the Top 100 recipes of 2015 from here. The list has so many amazing recipes that it is hard to pick just three.  But I have been having cheesy cravings for a while now. Don’t ask what’s new! So I decided to pick the Homemade Pizza for the … Continue reading Homemade Pizza

Cheesy Potato Soup

  I figured another soup recipe would be a good finish to this week’s marathon.  I was struggling to choose between a nutritious beetroot soup (a recipe that has been in the  ‘to do’ list for ages) and this creamy, cheesy, rich potato soup. Not much of a contest especially since it’s so much easier peeling and cutting potatoes as compared to beets.  I adapted … Continue reading Cheesy Potato Soup

Creamy Radish Soup

    Another root vegetable, another soup. But this wasn’t such a success with the kiddo. She was initially excited looking at the soup but did not have more than couple of spoons. But the husband and I liked it. It’s a simple soup with few ingredients and a wonderful flavor. Recipe adapted from here. WHAT WE NEED Olive oil             … Continue reading Creamy Radish Soup

Sweet potato lentil soup

  My theme for the week at Blogging Marathon is Root Vegetables and I am so glad that, for once, it’s a problem of plenty. Usually I have to skip themes or recipes since certain key ingredients won’t be available. But if this place has something, it’s a variety of root vegetables.  For the first day, I have chosen the versatile sweet potato. You can … Continue reading Sweet potato lentil soup

Orange Coffee

    My mother used to make orange tea. She would save all the peels from the oranges we are and then proceed to brew tea with it. When I picked coffee as a theme for this week’s blogging marathon, I thought I could try coffee with orange. Then I found this recipe and went ahead with it. So here goes – For 2 glasses WHAT … Continue reading Orange Coffee

Moong Dal Halwa 

    Moong dal halwa is one of my favorite sweets. This time I decided to replace sugar with jaggery to give it a healthier twist.  But I ran out of sugar as well as jaggery and so I picked the palm sugar that was waiting to be experimented with for almost 2 months. Palm sugar is healthier than regular refined sugar and supposed to be … Continue reading Moong Dal Halwa