Baby corn Manchurian

  For the third and final day of One sauce Two dishes, I decided to make Babycorn Manchurian which was simply delicious. Surprisingly, my daughter gobbled up half of what I had made for myself. This is a quick and tasty dish for starters. You can make the sauce ahead of time and toss the baby corn in the sauce just before serving and enjoy. … Continue reading Baby corn Manchurian

Vegetable Manchurian

One of the advantages of being a vegetarian in seafood paradise is that I have tried making a lot more dishes than before simply because there was no other option. During my time in India I always ordered in when the manchurian cravings came calling. Since that isn’t an option here, I set out to make it and discovered that it’s not such a big … Continue reading Vegetable Manchurian

Manchurian Sauce

We have been eating an insane amount of fried rice in the last year and a half. It is the only vegetarian dish we get around here when we eat out and there have been entire vacations when we survived on bread and fried rice. So I almost stopped making it at home. But when the Blogging Marathon theme of One sauce Two Dishes came … Continue reading Manchurian Sauce

Hash Brown

    In my daughter’s universe, the importance given in descending order are hash brown, her father, her mother. She gobbles them up whenever she sees them and you can get her to do anything with this inducement. So here is the recipe for her favorite dish in the world – Makes – 6-8 Recipe source – here WHAT WE NEED Russet potatoes, large     … Continue reading Hash Brown

Shirred Eggs with Potato Purée

    For the second day of this week’s Blogging Marathon, I picked this simple and delicious recipe of potatoes with eggs. This is from the book ‘My Kitchen Year: 136 recipes that saved my life’ by Ruth Reichl. The recipes are wonderful and the writing simply mind blowing. Sample these lines about this very dish –  “Potatoes and eggs have had a very long love … Continue reading Shirred Eggs with Potato Purée

Potato Pizza

My first and only experience of a cheese-less potato topped pizza was more than five years ago with a cousin. When he ordered it, I was very skeptic and doubtful of pizzas without cheese. But I still remember how awesome it tasted and that we ordered another one and took it home for next day’s breakfast. This week, my theme for the Blogging Marathon is … Continue reading Potato Pizza