Carrot Salad

This is another easy and simple salad. Carrots are a salad regular and I usually make it South Indian style. This recipe from the book, Diva Green, had a different flavour combination for the ubiquitous carrot. The mint, sesame seeds, honey and lemon juice make a beautiful team to enhance this simple salad to the next level. Serves 2-3 Recipe from Diva Green: a vegetarian … Continue reading Carrot Salad


Warm, Caramelized Baby Potato & Onion Salad

While I was baking all those delicious breads last month, I was also feeling very guilty about eating so many breads all at once. That is when I decided to eat salads to kind of compensate for all that wheat. This is one of the lovely salads that I had. The recipe is from a book ‘Diva Green: a vegetarian cookbook’ by Ritu Dalmia. It … Continue reading Warm, Caramelized Baby Potato & Onion Salad

Vegetable Manchurian

One of the advantages of being a vegetarian in seafood paradise is that I have tried making a lot more dishes than before simply because there was no other option. During my time in India I always ordered in when the manchurian cravings came calling. Since that isn’t an option here, I set out to make it and discovered that it’s not such a big … Continue reading Vegetable Manchurian

Shirred Eggs with Potato Purée

    For the second day of this week’s Blogging Marathon, I picked this simple and delicious recipe of potatoes with eggs. This is from the book ‘My Kitchen Year: 136 recipes that saved my life’ by Ruth Reichl. The recipes are wonderful and the writing simply mind blowing. Sample these lines about this very dish –  “Potatoes and eggs have had a very long love … Continue reading Shirred Eggs with Potato Purée

Apple Crisp

    When I started the CCChallenge, I thought I would blog about all the recipes from the multitudes of paper cuttings and books I picked up over the years but never looked at. But I seem to be buying new books now and the pile is simply increasing and the backlog becoming worse!  This recipe is from the latest book that I bought – My … Continue reading Apple Crisp

Sugared Sables 

There are cookies and there are cookies. This one, though, should have been named buttery sables. It simply melts in your mouth, which is not surprising considering the amount of butter added. But it’s so worth it because you get such goodness rarely and it must be enjoyed. Christmas time after all! It’s a sweet, simple recipe to cookie heaven from the book, ‘500 Cookies: … Continue reading Sugared Sables 

Moroccon Spaghetti kinda sorta….

   First my disclaimer – I have never had moroccon spaghetti before. So I have no clue as to how it’s supposed to be. I found this awesome recipe in this book called – Accidental Vegetarian. There are some pretty interesting and new combinations in this book. And the second disclaimer is that I haven’t stayed true to the recipe from the book either. It … Continue reading Moroccon Spaghetti kinda sorta….

Baked Spinach & Corn

  I have seen and heard so much about baked spinach and corn but somehow I have never tried making it. I always end up making pasta with white sauce and forget about this wonderful combination. So when my favorite chef on TV, Venkatesh Bhat showed his recipe I knew I had to make it. So I made this recipe in two parts – one … Continue reading Baked Spinach & Corn