Adieu 2015 and Welcome 2016

This is my first year end post and I am pretty excited that I actually blogged regularly this year. The main reason is the blogging marathon which is a manna from heaven as far as I am concerned. 2015 has been a transformative year for me. It’s a year of many firsts – For the first time in my life, I moved out of India … Continue reading Adieu 2015 and Welcome 2016

Classic Fruit Cake

    I can’t believe that I have successfully completed the Bake-a-thon. One whole month of various bakes has been amazing. I must admit it looks nothing like I had planned – I wanted to include the pineapple upside down cake which has been on my to-do list forever. I wanted to try out lasagna which also is long time pending. But due to various reasons, … Continue reading Classic Fruit Cake

Another way to bake potatoes

  My two and half year old daughter has been pretty involved in bake-a-thon with me. Her eyes sparkle when I switch on the oven to preheat it and she runs around screaming -‘Amma, cake, bread’ irrespective of what is being baked. The best part was the husband asking her – ‘what is Amma doing?’ She replies ‘cooking’. The husband exclaims – ‘That’s nice. I … Continue reading Another way to bake potatoes

Sugared SablesĀ 

There are cookies and there are cookies. This one, though, should have been named buttery sables. It simply melts in your mouth, which is not surprising considering the amount of butter added. But it’s so worth it because you get such goodness rarely and it must be enjoyed. Christmas time after all! It’s a sweet, simple recipe to cookie heaven from the book, ‘500 Cookies: … Continue reading Sugared SablesĀ 

Not just another banana bread

  Banana bread is one of those bakes which has a million recipes each as awesome as the next. But some of them do stand apart like this one. The fun part is it doesn’t need oil, butter, sugar or wheat flour. So yay!   And the not so good part is, atleast for me, it turned  out a tad undercooked and a bit sticky. Am … Continue reading Not just another banana bread

Crispy Garlic Pita Toasts

   I couldn’t finish all my pita bread in those sandwiches I made and the ominous warning on the packet of using the bread within 24 hours  had me worried. What to do? What to do? That’s when, coincidentally, I chanced upon this recipe – the perfect solution to all my pita problems. Crispy pita toasts with garlic flavour. I was in bread heaven.    … Continue reading Crispy Garlic Pita Toasts

Moroccon Spaghetti kinda sorta….

   First my disclaimer – I have never had moroccon spaghetti before. So I have no clue as to how it’s supposed to be. I found this awesome recipe in this book called – Accidental Vegetarian. There are some pretty interesting and new combinations in this book. And the second disclaimer is that I haven’t stayed true to the recipe from the book either. It … Continue reading Moroccon Spaghetti kinda sorta….

Vegetable stuffed Pita Sandwiches

    I love pita bread and this recipe here is one of my regular ones. Technically there is no recipe. I just add what I like and what I have on hand and the sandwich is ready, which is what a sandwich is all about. So this is usually a Friday dinner since grocery shopping is Saturday and I am left with bits and pieces … Continue reading Vegetable stuffed Pita Sandwiches

Stuffed & Baked Apples

    This is a sinfully delightful way to eat apples. It’s rich and juicy and warm and cozy. Also, it’s apples and hence predominantly guilt free!    The best part was I could get almost one apple along with some raisins and walnuts into the little one’s stomach. Makes it a favorite right away! Also, it’s a quick and easy desert to serve while having … Continue reading Stuffed & Baked Apples

Stuffed Spicy Snake Gourd

    You won’t believe how pretty the snake gourds in Malaysia look. Compared to these, what I was used to in Bangalore seem like their distant anorexic cousin. Having tried various flavours and combinations with snake gourd, I figured I could stuff some of them in it and it would taste good.  And it did.    WHAT WE NEED Snake gourd         … Continue reading Stuffed Spicy Snake Gourd