Protein Rich Dishes – a mega marathon

September is here. When I think about what I did in the past 8 months this year, the answer seems to be only ‘planning’. I did not execute all of them but to my credit, I have made few hundred plans. One of them is this Mega Marathon in which my blogging family and I blog every day except Sundays for this entire month for … Continue reading Protein Rich Dishes – a mega marathon

Pita Bread

This is the second recipe in the Lebanese cuisine theme. It is the classic and most popular dish – the pita. The Pita is a leavened bread made with all purpose flour. It can either be cooked on the stove top or baked in the oven. Having tried both methods, I definitely recommend baking it. The pita puffs up beautifully in the oven and the … Continue reading Pita Bread

Bansi Rava Upma

When the husband heard about this week’s theme and my first two dishes, he was pretty upset. He felt that by documenting those elaborate breakfasts alone, I was not being completely honest. Though I do make elaborate breakfasts for the weekend, it is not quite as often as he would like it to be. So, in the interest of transparency and honesty is this breakfast … Continue reading Bansi Rava Upma

Rava Dosa – a nearly foolproof recipe

In the second of my Weekend Breakfasts, I have the most delicious Rava Dosa with the classic partner, medhu vadai and accompanied by sambhar and two types of chutneys – coconut and coriander. All of this has to be washed down with a tumbler full of frothy, steaming filter coffee. I have tried numerous recipes for the rava dosa and most of them have simply … Continue reading Rava Dosa – a nearly foolproof recipe

Sandwich Platter

Yes, I still exist and so does the blog. I took a break for a couple of months to take car elf some other stuff in my life. Not that I completed everything I wanted to do in these two months but I am significantly more in control than I started out. In these two months, the daughter started kindergarten and has to be woken … Continue reading Sandwich Platter