Kimbula Banis | Sweet Buns

My usual modus operandi in any country theme is to look for the breads available there and try to bake atleast one such dish. I chanced upon this awesome sweet bun recipe and knew I had to make it. It is simple, tasty and makes for a perfect snack for kids.   This dish is supposed to look like a crocodile and hence the name … Continue reading Kimbula Banis | Sweet Buns

Kadala Thel Dala | Stir fried Chickpeas

The second dish for the Sri Lankan cuisine theme is a popular snack called Kadala Thel Dala which is quite similar to the sundal prepared in Tamil cuisine. One main difference is the addition of onion to this dish which is not usually added to sundal but which makes this a simple yet delicious bowl of snack. Serves 2 Recipe adapted from here WHAT WE … Continue reading Kadala Thel Dala | Stir fried Chickpeas

Dun Thel Bath | Ghee Rice with Green Peas

The theme for this week is Sri Lankan cuisine. When I picked this theme, I did not know that the cuisine is very similar to Indian, more specifically South Indian cuisine. Because the country is an island, there must be coconut trees in plenty which is reflected in the cooking too. The same goes for the seafood as well. There is an influence of Malaysian … Continue reading Dun Thel Bath | Ghee Rice with Green Peas

Rose scented Hazelnut Cookies

This is my third and final post on New Year Challenges. I have been planning forever to experiment on ideas and recipes instead of adapting other recipes. Though I am sure most flavour combinations have already been discovered and perfected, there is a thrill and satisfaction of discovering something on your own instead of simply adapting another recipe. I used to do that a lot … Continue reading Rose scented Hazelnut Cookies

Sourdough Banana & Zucchini Bread

Another resolution I have is to improving my sourdough baking. I wanted to bake a sourdough bread loaf but the winter has been particularly cold this time and my starter is taking ages to show any signs of activity. So I ditched that idea and decided to bake a sourdough quick bread with bananas and zucchini. The oven spring in the loaf was awesome and … Continue reading Sourdough Banana & Zucchini Bread

Pane di Lino / Ground Flaxseed Bread

This is the first post for 2018 and I wanted it be a bread. This week I am posting three recipes for the New Year Challenge in which we post dishes that reflect our goals and resolutions for this year. Mine have to revolve around bread. So I will be posting three posts related to bread. One of my resolutions has been to completely stop … Continue reading Pane di Lino / Ground Flaxseed Bread