Zafrani Kofta Pulao

It is the final day of this amazing mega blogging marathon about 26 rice dishes. It has been so much fun and such an enriching experience to learn, cook, discover, innovate, blog and read about so many different rice dishes from across the world. My initial plan for the alphabet ‘Z’ was the classic Zafrani Pulao. I was particularly enamored by the version described in … Continue reading Zafrani Kofta Pulao

Xacuti Garlic Rice

Ever since I discovered the aromatic Goan spice, Xacuti, it has been my go to ingredient for all A to Z marathon for the alphabet ‘X’. Though I can’t believe this marathon is nearly done. Everytime I start a mega blogging marathon, I am scared about how I would manage it but it breezes by so fast that I don’t know where the month has … Continue reading Xacuti Garlic Rice

West Indian Rice and Beans

The plan was to make watermelon rice for today. I had devised a lovely recipe using the flesh, rind and seeds of the watermelon. When I opened the refrigerator to start my prep, I discovered that the husband and daughter had finished up whatever watermelon I had saved up for the rice. Then I had to quickly think and thankfully I chanced upon this amazing … Continue reading West Indian Rice and Beans

Vepampoo Sadam | Dried Neem Flower Rice

I am sure by know you know why this rice is on the menu. One reason is, of course, it starts with the alphabet ‘V’ but more importantly I have to exhaust the vepampoo (dried neem flowers) that I bought for the Tamizh New Year this month. The family has been fed a regular diet of Vepampoo Rasam and so this time I figured I … Continue reading Vepampoo Sadam | Dried Neem Flower Rice

Ulundhu Sadam

My mother has been consistently asking me to make this Ulundhu Sadam for my daughter and me. According to her, Ulundhu or black gram is a superfood and essential for immunity and nourishment of girls and women. Of course being the typical daughter, I have ignored her for a long time. I figured this mega marathon can be a good opportunity to prove my credentials … Continue reading Ulundhu Sadam

Thakkali Sadam | Tomato Rice (No onion recipe)

Today we have the ubiquitous tomato rice for the alphabet ‘T’. I make tomato rice 3-4 times a month and I was honestly surprised that I had not posted this dish as yet. Maybe it was awaiting the mega marathon. As I mentioned previously, I am trying to perfect recipes without onion and garlic because my parents do not eat them and I want to … Continue reading Thakkali Sadam | Tomato Rice (No onion recipe)

Spinach and Corn Rice

We are back to the burning Bangalore weather. It seems hotter now after that lovely week at Kodaikannal and I am yet to get back to the daily routine of cooking, cleaning and generally running after the husband and daughter. Half way through today I remembered that I had no dish for S and I need to come up with something fast. The only thing … Continue reading Spinach and Corn Rice

Onion and Coconut Rice

Greetings from Kodaikanal. The husband decided suddenly that he needs a vacation. So we did last minute bookings as usual and came here. So the dishes for this week are more to do with clearing out the refrigerator and making do with whatever I had available. As they say necessity is the mother of invention, this onion coconut rice is a necessity driven invention of … Continue reading Onion and Coconut Rice