Sourdough bread – Coil Fold

Today we have the second in the series of ‘Bread of a kind’. I have made another sourdough bread, a boule but this time I have used the coil folding method instead of the usual stretch and fold method for strengthening and developing the gluten in the dough. Coil fold seemed easier to me and I like it the few times I have done it … Continue reading Sourdough bread – Coil Fold

Stiff Dough Sourdough Bread

This week’s theme is ‘Breads of a kind’ and it is as if this theme was picked just for me. I was so ecstatic to see this and the buns theme in the same month. That just means more baking and it got a spring to my step. As I continue discovering innumerable things about sourdough baking, I figured I would post three sourdough breads … Continue reading Stiff Dough Sourdough Bread

Buttery Sourdough Buns

My long cherished dream of being able to bake with sourdough is beginning to take shape. During our Blogging Marathon meet last month, Varada gave me and some others dehydrated sourdough flakes and also shared a whole lot of information about baking with sourdough. I was so excited that I wanted to start right away and so I baked these buttery buns immediately on returning … Continue reading Buttery Sourdough Buns

Blogging Marathon 100 Meet up – Day 4&5

Day 4 – Dress code – Blue I woke up around 5 on Day 4 because it was bread baking time!! Usually I like to bake bread when I am alone at home because it is my ‘me time’ therapy session all rolled into one. But this time I was excited because I was baking with people equally passionate about bread. Our bread baking team … Continue reading Blogging Marathon 100 Meet up – Day 4&5

Blogging Marathon 100 Meet up – Day 3

I remembered so many things about day 1 and 2 after I published my post yesterday. It is just that so much happened it was all quite overwhelming. Day 3 – Dress code – Pink Day 3 was kind of a relaxing day for me. Usha was looking relatively free instead of organising one thing or the other for us. So I took the opportunity … Continue reading Blogging Marathon 100 Meet up – Day 3

Blogging Marathon 100 Meet-up – Day 1&2

I have been part of this amazing group of bloggers in the Blogging Marathon. Though I have blogged multiple recipes with this group I have written very little about the people and the behind the scenes action. So this and the next two posts are a kind of ‘The making of’ part of the Blogging Marathon group with details about our meet up for the … Continue reading Blogging Marathon 100 Meet-up – Day 1&2