Simple Whole Wheat Crepes

   For the third and final day, I wanted to do a desert / sweet dish and so I tried the French goey chocolate sponge cake from Priya’s blog but I managed to burn the top of the cake. Though it tasted good, it was in no condition to be clicked and so I switched to this simple crepe recipe which can be breakfast or … Continue reading Simple Whole Wheat Crepes

Crustless Mushroom & Spinach Quiche

Like I said in my last post, I shouldn’t be trying out recipes from the experienced marathoners. I tried the crustless quiche and had quite a tough time making it a quiche and had to resort to ramekins to save the day. But the saving grace was that it tasted quite good and was worth spending all the time wiping out the mixture from the … Continue reading Crustless Mushroom & Spinach Quiche

Veloute de tomates /  Creamy Tomato Soup

  Ever since I joined the Blogging Marathon, I keep thinking about trying and posting the amazing recipes from the blogs of my fellow marathoners. But what stops me every time is imagining their face when they see the photos on my blog and go ‘Nahiiiiii’ like a Hindi movie heroine. But this time I decided to take the huge leap of faith and have … Continue reading Veloute de tomates / ¬†Creamy Tomato Soup

Quick Mug Cake for Mother’s Day

    The daughter was taught about Mother’s Day at school and she was thrilled to bits about it. She was quite excited and wanted to do something. So I suggested a mug cake with Nutella, her favorite ingredient in the world. Though she didn’t do much except prodding me to add more Nutella, it’s the thought that counts. So here goes – WHAT WE NEED … Continue reading Quick Mug Cake for Mother’s Day

Flourless Mug Cake

    On top of my to be finished list is peanut butter. The daughter is its lone admirer in the house and since she can’t finish a large amount in a short time, I figured I will try using it for stuff other than bread. So here is a quick and easy mug cake with just peanut butter, egg and sugar. I have to admit … Continue reading Flourless Mug Cake

Quick Banana Ice cream

  It’s the same situation. Again! Every time I settle down, start liking the city, figure out my way through the place without Google maps and think, ‘I can get used to this’, the husband would tell me those words – ” we have to move”. So we are moving. Again. It will be our 6th house in 8 years of marriage.  When I was … Continue reading Quick Banana Ice cream