Onion and Coconut Rice

Greetings from Kodaikanal. The husband decided suddenly that he needs a vacation. So we did last minute bookings as usual and came here. So the dishes for this week are more to do with clearing out the refrigerator and making do with whatever I had available. As they say necessity is the mother of invention, this onion coconut rice is a necessity driven invention of … Continue reading Onion and Coconut Rice


Jollof Rice

So has it ever happened to you that you discover something and your life lights up? That happened to me when I discovered this tangy and flavorful Jollof Rice. This is such an easy dish to whip up and it is ‘Oh so tasty’ that you can’t believe. Jollof Rice is usually made with tomato paste, tomatoes, onions and chicken or beef with some spices … Continue reading Jollof Rice

Sanna Polo | Konkani style Cabbage Dosa

This is one of my favorite dishes for this month. This is a quick breakfast dish from the Konkani cuisine. Though it is a part of Maharashtra, Konkani cuisine has its own distinct flavours and style making it unique in itself. This is another cuisine, like Karnataka, which has many dosa style dishes, each tastier than the last. This dosa is a simple rice and … Continue reading Sanna Polo | Konkani style Cabbage Dosa

Eerulli Dose | Onion Utthapam

I was quite worried about what dish I would get for alphabets like E but thankfully not only did I get a dish, I got one of the easiest and tastiest dishes. Eerulli dose is nothing but the popular onion utthapam as it is known in Karnataka. The humble onion utthapam is so simple yet delicious meal as a breakfast or a light dinner. The … Continue reading Eerulli Dose | Onion Utthapam

Oven roasted carrot soup

If you want to make anything delicious, I suggest you roast it in the oven. Tomatoes, yes…onions, yes….carrots, yes….sweet potato, yes….garlic ,yes. I think I have made my case. Roasting in the oven gives the dish a lovely aroma and an explosion of flavours that are otherwise not unearthed. I know I have two more carrot soups on my blog (here and here) but do … Continue reading Oven roasted carrot soup

Mixed Vegetable Sagu – Karnataka Special Meals

I am back to Blogging after what seems like ages though it’s actually been just a month. This week I will be posting three different thalis or combo menus. When Valli announced this theme, she was benevolent to allow us to post one recipe from our previous thali menus. So when I checked on the few thalis I posted, I realised I had not posted … Continue reading Mixed Vegetable Sagu – Karnataka Special Meals

Kadala Thel Dala | Stir fried Chickpeas

The second dish for the Sri Lankan cuisine theme is a popular snack called Kadala Thel Dala which is quite similar to the sundal prepared in Tamil cuisine. One main difference is the addition of onion to this dish which is not usually added to sundal but which makes this a simple yet delicious bowl of snack. Serves 2 Recipe adapted from here WHAT WE … Continue reading Kadala Thel Dala | Stir fried Chickpeas

Bansi Rava Upma

When the husband heard about this week’s theme and my first two dishes, he was pretty upset. He felt that by documenting those elaborate breakfasts alone, I was not being completely honest. Though I do make elaborate breakfasts for the weekend, it is not quite as often as he would like it to be. So, in the interest of transparency and honesty is this breakfast … Continue reading Bansi Rava Upma

Yang PaBbang

We are almost at the end of our baking mega marathon. I was quite worried at the beginning because I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been and the strategy was to bake almost everyday. But surprisingly I enjoyed this month immensely. My routine would be to finish the day’s cooking by 7 in the morning and then start with kneading the dough. I … Continue reading Yang PaBbang

Clear Onion Soup

I am not a huge fan of clear soups. Therefore the logical conclusion is that the husband is. He does not understand why soups need to be creamy, rich purees as against light soups with lots of flavour and I fail to comprehend why I need such clear soups when water will do the trick. Plus I don’t like straining out all the veggies. I … Continue reading Clear Onion Soup