Stuffed Vegetables

Ever since my daughter changed schools, I have been having a tough time. The school provides her a lovely lunch and so now I am left to cooking lunches only for myself. If you are not aware, the most boring thing ever is cooking for one. So my strategy is to plan my blog posts for my lunch to give me some motivation and enthusiasm … Continue reading Stuffed Vegetables

Spinach and Corn Rice

We are back to the burning Bangalore weather. It seems hotter now after that lovely week at Kodaikannal and I am yet to get back to the daily routine of cooking, cleaning and generally running after the husband and daughter. Half way through today I remembered that I had no dish for S and I need to come up with something fast. The only thing … Continue reading Spinach and Corn Rice

Spelt flour & Spinach Loaf

My original plan for this Mega Marathon was to bake 26 protein rich breads. But I did not find the time to do that and then I modified it to protein rich bakes. Finally I figured I would showcase different vegetarian proteins because quite a few vegetarians I know are tired of the question, ‘What is your protein source?’ But I wanted to have at … Continue reading Spelt flour & Spinach Loaf

Spinach Dosa

This is the last day of the week and my final vegetable based protein dish. Spinach is the vegetable of choice. As a kid, I was anemic for sometime which my mother took as a personal affront. So she fed me a bunch of spinach each day pureed. She refused to stop even after my hemoglobin levels were over the threshold so much so that … Continue reading Spinach Dosa

Crustless Mushroom & Spinach Quiche

Like I said in my last post, I shouldn’t be trying out recipes from the experienced marathoners. I tried the crustless quiche and had quite a tough time making it a quiche and had to resort to ramekins to save the day. But the saving grace was that it tasted quite good and was worth spending all the time wiping out the mixture from the … Continue reading Crustless Mushroom & Spinach Quiche

Vegetarian Lasagna…well almost

   I discovered two things today – I am getting old “Add more cheese” does not solve all problems. Really! So I decided to make the vegetarian lasagna for the first time because I had made a new year resolution of trying new dishes and also using up stuff without wasting. I bought the lasagna sheets almost six months ago and have been postponing it … Continue reading Vegetarian Lasagna…well almost

Baked Spinach & Corn

  I have seen and heard so much about baked spinach and corn but somehow I have never tried making it. I always end up making pasta with white sauce and forget about this wonderful combination. So when my favorite chef on TV, Venkatesh Bhat showed his recipe I knew I had to make it. So I made this recipe in two parts – one … Continue reading Baked Spinach & Corn