Roasted red pepper hummus

One of the most popular sides for breads is hummus. I have always wanted to make the roasted red pepper hummus and since I found myself with too many of red bell peppers this seems like the perfect time. Hummus is such an easy and versatile dish and can be a simple one with just the basics or a flavourful one from one of the … Continue reading Roasted red pepper hummus

Mango Shrikhand

This mango shrikhand is a lovely side to the varied flatbreads we make. As delicious as breads are, most people don’t like to eat them as is. We need some accompaniment to go with them. Since it is summer a mango side is the need of the hour. I chanced upon some delicious juicy alphonso mangoes this time round. Though we ate up most of … Continue reading Mango Shrikhand

Rewena Paraoa

Rewena bread is a traditional Maori potato sourdough bread, known as Rewena Paraoa. The Maori are indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. Paraoa is the Maori word for bread. The word rewena comes from the root word ‘rewa’, which is a potato. Rewena bread is made with fermented potato instead of yeast, which gives the bread a firmer texture. Rewena is usually eaten hot with … Continue reading Rewena Paraoa

Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

Once we have our sourdough starter ready, the next exciting job is to be bake a lovely loaf of bread. I have baked this loaf multiple times with all purpose flour, with part wheat flour and seeded loaf too. All of the loaves turned out amazing and I have loved every version of it. I have been making this sandwich loaf nearly every week and … Continue reading Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

Stuffed Vegetables

Ever since my daughter changed schools, I have been having a tough time. The school provides her a lovely lunch and so now I am left to cooking lunches only for myself. If you are not aware, the most boring thing ever is cooking for one. So my strategy is to plan my blog posts for my lunch to give me some motivation and enthusiasm … Continue reading Stuffed Vegetables

Stuffed Sourdough Pizza

It is nice to be back to blogging after a month. I had a lovely vacation to Bhopal and Indore. The husband and I aim to visit all UNESCO World heritage sites across the world starting with India. So this time we visited the Sanchi stupa and Bhimbetka caves near Bhopal and some other historical sites near Indore. I would totally recommend these places for … Continue reading Stuffed Sourdough Pizza

Seeded Sourdough Boule for Bread Bakers

Now that I have figured out the basics of baking a sourdough bread, I decided to take the next step with some delicious additions to the loaf. I thought of giving it some crunch with pumpkin seeds and a good bite with replacing some of the all purpose flour with whole wheat flour. As of now, I know how long will my starter take to … Continue reading Seeded Sourdough Boule for Bread Bakers