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Rava idli served with coconut and coriander chutneys
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Rava Idli

Rava idli is not something I would usually write about. But it is one of my favorite breakfast dishes and I make it so often. In fact the first dish I think of when I see a jar of rava or semolina is to make idli. The soft texture of the idli with a slight bite aided by a fluffy feel as it melts into your mouth is what breakfast is all about.

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Potato Skins

These potato skins saved me from messing up this theme of USA cuisine. I originally planned on a s’mores mug cake which fell through. So I fell back on potatoes which is the ultimate saviour as also very American. The daughter loves it and that is a huge benefit. I also figured I could to …

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Buttery Sourdough Buns

My long cherished dream of being able to bake with sourdough is beginning to take shape. During our Blogging Marathon meet last month, Varada gave me and some others dehydrated sourdough flakes and also shared a whole lot of information about baking with sourdough. I was so excited that I wanted to start right away …

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Quick Loaf

I have been forever trying to find a bread recipe that can be done with a single rise and yet have the lightness and taste of the yeasted loaf. Finally I am so glad I found this recipe. It works like a charm. I made a few modifications to it but it worked nevertheless. So …