Orange Sesame Seed Tea Cake

I saw this recipe this morning and I just had to make it. A small issue I faced was I neither had lemons nor poppy seeds but the bread had to be baked. So I replaced lemons with orange and poppy seeds with sesame seeds and I was ready! I did turn out quite good though it felt more like a cake than bread i.e. it was … Continue reading Orange Sesame Seed Tea Cake

What I learnt this week – My baking station

So I thought I should pen down stuff I have learned and am learning during this arduous and exhilarating journey of becoming a baker! I am a newbie and by that I mean, I started baking around a month ago. Yeah! Total newbie 🙂 So I thought I could pen down stuff as I am learning and observing them which could help others and me in future. … Continue reading What I learnt this week – My baking station

Banana Dates Smoothie

I had posted this as part of the NaBloPoMo for May which had the theme of ‘Nourishment’ in my other blog. But I guess this would be a good fit here. Today I have a yummy recipe for our nourishment – Banana Dates Smoothie Ingredients 4 ripe bananas 4-6 dates seedless or de seeded 1-2 tbsp honey 2 cups cold milk Put all of the … Continue reading Banana Dates Smoothie

Rava Kesari for infants

I have a ten month daughter who is primarily responsible for my new found love for cooking and baking. Today I introduced her to rava and I can safely say it was a moderate success. My funda is usually to introduce her to new food by mixing it with something she already eats and loves. This makes the introduction easier and does not have me running to … Continue reading Rava Kesari for infants