Bottle Gourd Juice & a refreshed morning

    I have been meaning to post this recipe for ages but somehow I miss clicking a picture and so postpone writing about it. Recipe, here, seems like a huge word for this drink. Just juice them all and drink up instantly. This was shared with me by a dietician I had visited over a decade ago. It is supposed to help you clean your … Continue reading Bottle Gourd Juice & a refreshed morning

Bhendi Jaipuri #MonsoonMojo

If you understand Tamil and are interested in cooking then you must watch this show on Vijay TV – Samayal Samayal (Cooking Cooking). It is hosted by Venkatesh Bhat from Accord Metropolitan, Chennai. I initially started watching it because I found him cute. Yup, superficial me. But then I found his recipes to be easy and his style absolutely no nonsense. He wasn’t the kind … Continue reading Bhendi Jaipuri #MonsoonMojo