Orange flavored lentil ladoos

 I am an accidental cook, someone who never thought would be in the kitchen longer than it takes for a glass of water. But the roller coaster of life had me come rollicking into the kitchen and parked here for sometime to come.Life in the kitchen has been full of surprises. One such surprise was when I first made these lentil ladoos. It was my … Continue reading Orange flavored lentil ladoos

Sweet potato and black bean chimichanga

Today is one of those ‘crazy for no reason’ days. In the middle of such a day I had a sudden intense craving for sweet potato. But I had a dish to make and a blog post to write on tortilla based dishes. So I decided to find a connection between sweet potatoes and tortillas. A perineal issue at home is the diametrically opposite taste … Continue reading Sweet potato and black bean chimichanga

Cheesy Paneer Enchiladas

CHEESY PANEER ENCHILADAS My entry for today under Tortilla based dishes is Paneer Enchiladas. This recipe has everything I love – paneer, mushroom and cheese! So I was pretty excited making it. The good thing is that the husband hates paneer and so I usually get to have the lion’s share of all paneer-ness. Now the not so good news is my two year old … Continue reading Cheesy Paneer Enchiladas

Brunch on Huevos Rancheros

HUEVOS RANCHEROS This is Taco week for me at the Blogging Marathon. I love Mexican food and have been planning on making it myself for a long time now. Finally I am biting the bullet and the taco! My recipe for today is Huevos Rancheros adapted from a book I recently found – The Accidental Vegetarian. It has quite a few interesting recipes and I … Continue reading Brunch on Huevos Rancheros

Blogging Marathon – Tokneneng

  Today is the final day of this week’s Blogging Marathon on Fritters! My recipe for today is perfect for for days when one is too lazy to make an elaborate snack. It is the recipe for a street food from Philippines called Tokneneng which is frying hard boiled chicken eggs in a fiery orange batter. The same recipe is also used with quail eggs and … Continue reading Blogging Marathon – Tokneneng

Blogging Marathon-Perkedel Ketang

Today is Day 2 of the 3 day Blogging Marathon on Fritters. My recipe for the day is for Perkedel Ketang which is a potato based fritter from Indonesia. It is yummy, easy and actually does not need too much oil. And as I write this, my two year old has already finished one and is in the process of cleaning off the next one. … Continue reading Blogging Marathon-Perkedel Ketang

Blogging Marathon – Apple Fritters

Before you frown, let me tell you that I am one of you. I am also not in favor of cooking fruits in any way and believe that they taste best when eaten raw. Well, I don’t  even peel fruits if I can help it.But (of course there is a but) some recipes go beyond and call out to you. Don’t they? This is one … Continue reading Blogging Marathon – Apple Fritters