I am sure there has been more than once that I have lamented on this blog about wanting to make Dukkah and missing out on it. So finally this has been accomplished. Dukkah is an exotic spice blend which has a delightful combination of nuts and spices. It is an awesome dip for breads along with olive oil. Why I like this dish? The combination … Continue reading Dukkah

Basil & Garlic Focaccia

The final dish for this week’s theme of Global Cuisine is this beautiful Basil & Garlic Focaccia. It is one of the most popular breads of Italy and has undergone so many changes over the years. The traditional focaccia does not have any toppings or hasĀ  minimal toppings with the most popular one being onion and rosemary. But over the years it has been transformed … Continue reading Basil & Garlic Focaccia