Ragi Semiya

    Ever since the first time I tried this Ragi Semiya, I have become a huge fan. It’s so easy and tasty that words can’t describe the pleasure of this dish. It’s as easy to make as any other upma but it’s so yummy and it’s ragi which is healthy. What more to ask for! Serves 2-3 WHAT WE NEED Ragi Semiya       … Continue reading Ragi Semiya

Simple Fruit Salad

     Saying that it is hot here is an understatement of epic proportions. Everyday is declared as the hottest day till date and things are only expected to get worse. The husband is sniffing and coughing, the daughter is just about recovering and the house is a mess.  I buy the most raw fruits I can find and it gets ripe within a day. … Continue reading Simple Fruit Salad

Chat Salad

    When I picked the Salads theme for this week’s Blogging Marathon, my idea was to finally start my ‘healthy eating’, three months into the new year. I read up a lot on salads and various dressings but fell back to my default regular recipes which I make for myself. These are my go-to recipes for the times I have to cook only for me, … Continue reading Chat Salad

Apple Crisp

    When I started the CCChallenge, I thought I would blog about all the recipes from the multitudes of paper cuttings and books I picked up over the years but never looked at. But I seem to be buying new books now and the pile is simply increasing and the backlog becoming worse!  This recipe is from the latest book that I bought – My … Continue reading Apple Crisp

Tofu Bhurji Rolls

    One of the tougher things to do is to get the husband try eating new dishes. He is very content eating sambhar, rice and veggies everyday. So my latest trick has been to give him BM as the reason for all my new dish experiments. It’s working so far. Ever since we moved to Malaysia I have been wanting to try tofu. It’s available … Continue reading Tofu Bhurji Rolls

Paneer Bhurji

    Paneer is one of my favorite foods and the best part about it is it goes with almost anything and everything. It makes the daughter eat faster. My usual recipe for paneer bhurji is to add whatever vegetables I have on hand and mix it with the paneer. Today I had some mushrooms and baby corn and it was another yum paneer bhurji. So … Continue reading Paneer Bhurji

Bhurji and Sprouts Noodles

    My cravings for the day never matches up with what needs to be cooked or the ingredients in the house. Don’t know why but I have been wanting to have some noodles for the past two days. But crazy schedules and backlogs mean that I have to cook and post on the same day for the BM. So I have combined the theme of … Continue reading Bhurji and Sprouts Noodles