Rulavachi Bhakri | Mangalore style Rava Dosai

I cannot believe how fast this month is passing by. When I began this mega marathon, I only had a rough draft of a list of dishes I wanted to make. I figured that dosais are easy and can be made on a day to day basis. I did not realise that so many of them were the soak and ferment kind but I managed. … Continue reading Rulavachi Bhakri | Mangalore style Rava Dosai


Quinoa Dosai

No prizes for guessing the dosai for today. Q has too few options to debate over and so quinoa is a foregone conclusion. Usually I make quinoa dosai with rice flour and little wheat flour and the results are quite good. But this time I had some batter leftover after yesterday’s Patishapta Pitha and so I decided to modify that to make this Quinoa dosai. … Continue reading Quinoa Dosai

Lauki Chilla | Bottle Gourd Pancakes

The Chilla is a very popular breakfast dish primarily because it is so quick and easy to make and makes for a hearty meal. When I was looking for pancake like dishes for L, I did not have many options. The chilla was on my mind ever since I began this marathon because if there isn’t one in a marathon about pancakes / dosais, it … Continue reading Lauki Chilla | Bottle Gourd Pancakes

Khura |Buckwheat Pancakes

After yesterday’s sizzling street food magic of Mumbai, we are back to more traditional recipe. During one of my more experimental days, I had made a spicy version of the Neer dose and actually managed to find time to click pictures too. I was desperately trying to fit it in somewhere during this month but like I said, my blog would turn into a Karnataka … Continue reading Khura |Buckwheat Pancakes

Gavhache Dhirde

We are at the end of the first week of this Mega Marathon and today’s alphabet is ‘G’. I had quite a few choices for this alphabet but I wanted to cover as many states of India as possible and so I picked this Maharashtrian dish. There was also Ghavan from Maharashtra but I thought it would be good to give the rice family a … Continue reading Gavhache Dhirde

Soya Tomato Dosa

Pressure situations result in some fun inspiration and quick fix dishes. I overslept last weekend and that coincided with the husband and daughter waking up early and being very hungry before I had time to sip my tea. So I needed a quick breakfast to keep them calm. One thing led to another and I was able to feed them before they ate me up. … Continue reading Soya Tomato Dosa

Peanut Porridge

I just finished a mega marathon of Protein Rich Dishes but I am clearly not over it. My theme for today is ‘Dishes from the Caribbean’ and what do I pick? Another protein packed dish. This one is so simple and delicious, not to mention easy to make with most ingredients readily available in your kitchen. It is a breakfast dish but I had it … Continue reading Peanut Porridge

Whole wheat Pancakes

I typically need instant breakfast ideas on a Monday morning. That’s the day we are most likely to oversleep, run around in circles trying to find stuff and that’s the day the daughter decides to wake up earlier than her usual time and demand a fifteen minute cuddle.┬áSo instant breakfast for me is what I can get ready between the time the husband wakes up … Continue reading Whole wheat Pancakes