West Indian Rice and Beans

The plan was to make watermelon rice for today. I had devised a lovely recipe using the flesh, rind and seeds of the watermelon. When I opened the refrigerator to start my prep, I discovered that the husband and daughter had finished up whatever watermelon I had saved up for the rice. Then I had to quickly think and thankfully I chanced upon this amazing … Continue reading West Indian Rice and Beans

Ulundhu Sadam

My mother has been consistently asking me to make this Ulundhu Sadam for my daughter and me. According to her, Ulundhu or black gram is a superfood and essential for immunity and nourishment of girls and women. Of course being the typical daughter, I have ignored her for a long time. I figured this mega marathon can be a good opportunity to prove my credentials … Continue reading Ulundhu Sadam

Beans & Vegetable Pulao

For the second day of this mega marathon, I have this easy and tasty beans pulao full of protein and vegetables to boot. It is my constant endeavor to feed my family all the different types of beans and lentils. So I keep sneaking them in whatever dishes I can. This beans pulao is cooked in vegetable stock which adds a lovely flavour to it. … Continue reading Beans & Vegetable Pulao

Chakuli Pitha

When I started compiling the list of dosais, I knew it would have a Southern region bias because dosais are such a staple in these parts. I knew I would get some similar dishes from Western parts like Maharashtra or Gujarat but I honestly did not expect to travel east in my dosai exploration. Today’s dish is from the land of Lord Jagannatha – Orissa. … Continue reading Chakuli Pitha