Onion Coriander Soup #MonsoonMojo

    I totally hate the end slices of store bought bread. My brother and I always traded favours so that the other person would have the end slice. It sounds silly to me today but I still try to pass those slices to the husband (who thankfully doesn’t mind). So when my mom found this recipe in a Tamil magazine and told me, I jumped … Continue reading Onion Coriander Soup #MonsoonMojo

Rava Kunuku / Semolina Fritters #MonsoonMojo

   I live in a weird location. Suddenly it’s hot beyond measure and suddenly it starts to pour. One minute you want a lemonade and the next moment you are craving for a piping hot masala chai. So if we want to enjoy the rain (we really want to ) then we need a quick snack to go with that masala chai. This is my … Continue reading Rava Kunuku / Semolina Fritters #MonsoonMojo

Delicious Almond ‘Cake’

   This recipe for Almond / badam ‘cake’  ( not cake, cake…Indian sweet) has been tried and tested and tasted few hundred times. It is my mom’s recipe or as my sis-in-law and I call her, ‘You know who’! Mom is an amazing mother, wife, mother-in-law, performer, speaker, etc. BUT, if you dare take one of her recipes (they are yummm) and don’t follow her … Continue reading Delicious Almond ‘Cake’

Lotus Root Chips #MonsoonMojo

When we moved to Malaysia, I made a resolution to include as many local delicacies as possible in our day to day meals. That is a tough proposition since we are vegetarians (flexible on eggs) and this is a seafood paradise. So, as a first step, I decided to start adapting local vegetables that aren’t so common in India. My first experiment was with the … Continue reading Lotus Root Chips #MonsoonMojo

Cabbage nu Muthia

 My internet connection is driving me nuts. It went on a fifty day vacation which is beyond its annual leave quota it’s finally back but is still in vacation mode and is willing to work only with innumerable additional perks. So since I can’t disconnect it, I decided to reduce my dependence on it. I dug out my ancient cookbooks and decided to derive inspiration from … Continue reading Cabbage nu Muthia