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Jollof Rice

So has it ever happened to you that you discover something and your life lights up? That happened to me when I discovered this tangy and flavorful Jollof Rice. This is such an easy dish to whip up and it is ‘Oh so tasty’ that you can’t believe. Jollof Rice is usually made with tomato …

Roasted tomato soup
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Oven roasted carrot soup

If you want to make anything delicious, I suggest you roast it in the oven. Tomatoes, yes…onions, yes….carrots, yes….sweet potato, yes….garlic ,yes. I think I have made my case. Roasting in the oven gives the dish a lovely aroma and an explosion of flavours that are otherwise not unearthed. I know I have two more …

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I made Bruschetta as part of my Italian Lunch Spread. It is quick and easy to put together and will serve well as a snack or starter of choice for unplanned guests. It is an almost no cook dish and the ingredients are usually available at home and this can help brighten up a meal …