Sakkara Pongal

  Pongal Nal Vazhthukal (Happy Pongal)! The best part of Pongal festival for me is the Sakkara Pongal which is a dish prepared with jaggery and rice. When I begun making it, I realized it was such an easy recipe and I have been making it frequently whenever the husband feels homesick.    This is my mother’s recipe and before her my grandmothter’s and so … Continue reading Sakkara Pongal

Vegetarian Lasagna…well almost

   I discovered two things today – I am getting old “Add more cheese” does not solve all problems. Really! So I decided to make the vegetarian lasagna for the first time because I had made a new year resolution of trying new dishes and also using up stuff without wasting. I bought the lasagna sheets almost six months ago and have been postponing it … Continue reading Vegetarian Lasagna…well almost

Millets Kozhakattai

    My second new year resolution with regard to food is to avoid / drastically reduce having rice for dinner. The problem has been that the husband loves rice and is not a huge fan of rotis, especially for dinner and me being the epitome of laziness hates to take the effort of making rotis at night. Hence its been rice as a default. But, … Continue reading Millets Kozhakattai

Molaga Podi | Idli Gunpowder

I made quite a few new year resolutions with regard to my cooking. So each day of this first week of Blogging Marathon, my dish will be a small little step towards one of my resolutions. I was deeply impressed by the book, ‘Cooked’ by Michael Pollan. Amongst the many arguments he made, one that struck a chord with me was about ‘cooking from scratch’. … Continue reading Molaga Podi | Idli Gunpowder