Bisisbele Bhath

I love Bisibele Bhath and eat it very often when we eat out. But somehow, for a very long time I thought it was insanely difficult to make it at home. I wanted to check out the recipe but kept postponing it till finally it was made by my food hero – Venkatesh Bhat. When I saw his recipe and realized how easy it was … Continue reading Bisisbele Bhath

Karnataka Special Meals

When we returned from Malaysia to Bangalore, we were provided accommodation by the husband’s company for a month or so. Thankfully, we were staying very close to an MTR restaurant and went there almost everyday for a meal. In that one month, we have eaten almost everything on their menu and some more than once, so much so that now we are tired of MTR … Continue reading Karnataka Special Meals

Indo Continental Breakfast

Like I said before, I love breakfast spreads and it is a perfect way to ensure the rest of your day goes well – begin with a hearty breakfast. Usually when we travel, most hotels provide a combination of bed and breakfast. In the past two years during all our travels, the husband and I ensured we ate the breakfast lavishly because we were never … Continue reading Indo Continental Breakfast

Tamil Breakfast Thali

I am a breakfast person. I love elaborate breakfast spreads. The variety of dishes with so many sides and drink to wash it all down with is food heaven for me and that is also my favourite part about Tamil cuisine. It lends itself beautifully to breakfast spreads and combo menus. The range of dishes and sambhars and chutneys ¬†are mind blowing and not to … Continue reading Tamil Breakfast Thali

Anything Goes Burger

There are days when you need to make something but don’t have the ingredients. This recipe is for those days. Want a burger but don’t have much to make a patty? Pick anything and everything in your fridge and pantry and ta da! Your burger is ready. My original plan was to make a lentil burger but I used up part of the lentils for … Continue reading Anything Goes Burger

McD style Paneer Burger

Saying that I love paneer is similar to saying that the earth is round. Known undisputed fact. I include it in most dishes I make and it only turns out better. Ever since McD introduced the paneer burger, it is the only thing I order when we eat there. So when I picked the burger theme for this month’s Blogging Marathon, my first thought was … Continue reading McD style Paneer Burger