Zafrani Kofta Pulao

It is the final day of this amazing mega blogging marathon about 26 rice dishes. It has been so much fun and such an enriching experience to learn, cook, discover, innovate, blog and read about so many different rice dishes from across the world. My initial plan for the alphabet ‘Z’ was the classic Zafrani Pulao. I was particularly enamored by the version described in … Continue reading Zafrani Kofta Pulao


Havij Polo | Persian Carrot Rice

This lovely carrot rice is such a treasure to find. The daughter loves carrots and can have it in any form. So I make this for our lunch and it results in two happy girls. This is a Persian carrot rice and is a little sweet in taste. Sugar is added as also cranberries sometime to give it a sweet flavour. Chicken is also added … Continue reading Havij Polo | Persian Carrot Rice

Beans & Vegetable Pulao

For the second day of this mega marathon, I have this easy and tasty beans pulao full of protein and vegetables to boot. It is my constant endeavor to feed my family all the different types of beans and lentils. So I keep sneaking them in whatever dishes I can. This beans pulao is cooked in vegetable stock which adds a lovely flavour to it. … Continue reading Beans & Vegetable Pulao

Awadhi Vegetable Biryani

I was keen to begin this mega marathon with a biryani and what better than a traditional Awadhi Vegetable Biryani. It hails from the beautiful city of Lucknow and is also called Lucknow Biryani. I was surprised to find that this Awadhi Vegetable biryani does not use the popular biryani masala or even garam masala. It uses a lovely combination of whole spices with ginger … Continue reading Awadhi Vegetable Biryani

Gavhache Dhirde

We are at the end of the first week of this Mega Marathon and today’s alphabet is ‘G’. I had quite a few choices for this alphabet but I wanted to cover as many states of India as possible and so I picked this Maharashtrian dish. There was also Ghavan from Maharashtra but I thought it would be good to give the rice family a … Continue reading Gavhache Dhirde

Honey glazed carrots

For my third and final dish in the ‘One vegetable three ways’ theme, I chose to do the ever simple and ever popular dish -honey glazed carrots. Usually baby carrots are used for this recipe but since those aren’t available in my part of the world, I picked the bigger carrots and sliced them to make this dish. I make it for the daughter for … Continue reading Honey glazed carrots

Oven roasted carrot soup

If you want to make anything delicious, I suggest you roast it in the oven. Tomatoes, yes…onions, yes….carrots, yes….sweet potato, yes….garlic ,yes. I think I have made my case. Roasting in the oven gives the dish a lovely aroma and an explosion of flavours that are otherwise not unearthed. I know I have two more carrot soups on my blog (here and here) but do … Continue reading Oven roasted carrot soup

Cheese & Oats Paniyaram

So I am back after a month though it seems like ages. In March, I had a very different perception of how April and May would turn out considering it is the daughter’s vacation time, but it wS hectic and chaotic in wholly different ways. Right from having a oil splash accident to help organise the brother & sis-in-law’s baby shower to help playing nurse … Continue reading Cheese & Oats Paniyaram