Whole wheat orange muffins

    This is a recipe I am very sentimental about. This was the first recipe I baked. I started baking around two years ago and was pretty nervous. I had read up a lot on baking and everyone spoke about how important precise measurements are and how necessary it is to choose the right way to measure – cups versus weight. The line that gave … Continue reading Whole wheat orange muffins

Baked Potato Wedges

  Having a toddler at home means making more potatoes. It is one thing that they eat without much of a fuss. So I am always trying out different recipes with potatoes to keep the variety and health aspects intact. But once in a way, a little indulgence is allowed, right? I found this amazing recipe here and these wedges turned out so awesome! I … Continue reading Baked Potato Wedges

Orange & choco chip cookies

Guess what, I won a cookbook giveaway! I love giveaways and participate in them with full gusto, especially when its a cookbook at the end of the rainbow. Last month, I won 500 Cookies:the only cookie compendium you’ll ever need in a giveaway hosted by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen. So, as you can guess, my answer to all questions is now cookie. Bored? Have a cookie. … Continue reading Orange & choco chip cookies

Cheesy Ropes

This week’s theme at the Blogging Marathon is tea time snacks. This reminds me of this awesome samosa kachori shop in Bangalore which was very close home. Usually the husband would walk to the store around 4 pm during weekends and get fresh and hot kachoris (for me) and samosas (for him) and we would have those with tea. I miss that shop and the … Continue reading Cheesy Ropes

Baked Spinach & Corn

  I have seen and heard so much about baked spinach and corn but somehow I have never tried making it. I always end up making pasta with white sauce and forget about this wonderful combination. So when my favorite chef on TV, Venkatesh Bhat showed his recipe I knew I had to make it. So I made this recipe in two parts – one … Continue reading Baked Spinach & Corn

Butterscotch Sauce

   To imagine that I did not know butterscotch sauce is this easy to make!! When I picked on the dips and sauces theme for this week’s blogging marathon, I wanted one sweet sauce just for the variety. I was trying to look for some rich chocolate sauce when I chanced upon this recipe for butterscotch. We have spend significant turn since then licking spoons … Continue reading Butterscotch Sauce

Sour cream & cheese dip

My brother is here for a week nd so the days are full of chatting, laughing and lots of eating. He is probably the only person who likes absolutely everything I make. So it’s fun to be cooking and baking for him. Dips are one of his favorite eats and he likes dips with everything. So this is what we came up with today. It’s … Continue reading Sour cream & cheese dip