Bell Pepper Fougasse

There is no such thing as too many breads, especially if it means a delicious bell pepper fougasse. I baked this quite a while ago but never got around to posting it. The photos do not do justice to this delicious chewy bread. Bake-a-thon is just the perfect time to dig out these long forgotten bakes and finally get around to posting them. Why I … Continue reading Bell Pepper Fougasse

Masala stuffed Buns

I love all breads but I have a special soft corner for stuffed buns and breads. It makes for sumptuous snacks and the possibilities are endless. Stuffed buns are my favorite gateway to finish up leftovers and clear out the refrigerator. Though I did not use leftovers for this one since I had guests over but feel free to go where your imagination takes you. … Continue reading Masala stuffed Buns

Stuffed crust Pizza

The stuffed crust pizza has been on my list forever. It is surprising why I haven’t done this before considering I bake pizzas quite regularly. I always plan to make this but then I get into the unnecessary health mode and run miles from the cheese. That was one of the main reasons I picked this theme of ‘Stuffed Dishes’ for this month’s Blogging Marathon. … Continue reading Stuffed crust Pizza

Yang PaBbang

We are almost at the end of our baking mega marathon. I was quite worried at the beginning because I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been and the strategy was to bake almost everyday. But surprisingly I enjoyed this month immensely. My routine would be to finish the day’s cooking by 7 in the morning and then start with kneading the dough. I … Continue reading Yang PaBbang

Stuffed and Braided Bread

This is a simple stuffed bread / masala bread. here we bake the bread with some spicy stuffing in it. You can have a sweet stuffing as well. I used a mix of paneer, mushroom, herbs, spring onion, coriander leaves, chilly powder and salt. I did not cook or fry it. I just mixed all of the stuffing in a bowl. Use this bread recipe for … Continue reading Stuffed and Braided Bread

Bread Rolls – anyway and everyway

There are few things to beat a good bread roll – the slightly crisp exterior and the soft elastic interior and the way it is chewy yet easy to make and eat. I love bread rolls and have been searching for a good recipe. Finally I found one here. The best part is you can make it anyway you like – plain, stuffed, different shapes, … Continue reading Bread Rolls – anyway and everyway