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Coriander Peanut Chutney

Lots of things have been happening this weekend past month. The daughter secured admission in a nice school far from where we stay. That required a move in to the new locality which incidentally is close to the husband’s work place. Since everything happened kind of last minute, I have been running around like a …

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As I continue to bemoan the summer, I have another summer cooler today which is a huge relief from the heat. Panagam is a jaggery, lemon and ginger drink which is an instant refresher and easily made at home. Usually we make Panagam for Ram Navami but I love this one and so I continue …

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Yellu Sadam

I love sesame seeds and try to add it in as many dishes as possible. The only problem is that, for some reason, sesame seeds are not considered auspicious and not used during festivals and other celebrations. So, when growing up I could not eat much of this wonderful ingredient. But as I took charge …