Quick Loaf

I have been forever trying to find a bread recipe that can be done with a single rise and yet have the lightness and taste of the yeasted loaf. Finally I am so glad I found this recipe. It works like a charm. I made a few modifications to it but it worked nevertheless. So this is my new favorite bread recipe to be made … Continue reading Quick Loaf


A to Z Flatbreads Round Up | 26 types of Dosas

The month is up and we have completed yet another mega marathon when we blog for 26 days of a month with a pre-decided theme. This time we blogged about 26 flatbreads – Indian / International or Dosas/ Pancakes. I chose the dosa/ pancake option and made 26 types of dosas, one for each letter of the alphabet from A-Z. I discovered some amazing recipes … Continue reading A to Z Flatbreads Round Up | 26 types of Dosas

Zucchini Utthapam

This morning, the husband was not happy when I made these delicious zucchini utthapams because he likes his dosas plain and simple. Then he looks at the date and goes ‘Ah! Z!’ It is amazing when the family is so into our mega marathon and it also is awesome that we have completed another mega marathon and posted 26 different dishes, one for each letter … Continue reading Zucchini Utthapam

Sesame Seeds Dosa

Yellu Dosai | Sesame Seeds Dosa

This simple, tasty and easy dosai is a special one for me. It is my mother’s favorite dish and probably the only one she made for herself exclusively. I remember there were days when my brother and I would want to order in and dad was having dinner out or the rare days when mom simply gave up on us and decided she has had … Continue reading Yellu Dosai | Sesame Seeds Dosa

Watermelon Dosa | Kalingana Polo

Today’s dish is from Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. It is a unique dish which uses the watermelon rind (the white part) in making this delicious watermelon dosa. I searched for this recipe and found multiple variations of it. One of it mentions that we can use even the red fruit portion of the watermelon and that would give the dosa a lovely orange colour. … Continue reading Watermelon Dosa | Kalingana Polo

easy to make dosa

Utanki Dosai

If you are looking for an authentic Utanki recipe, look no further. No, I mean it – Do not look further because this is nowhere close to how an authentic original Utanki needs to be. The Utanki is a stringy lace-y crepe like dish which is made with rice, milk and sugar. I tried, I really tried but it was a major flop and instead … Continue reading Utanki Dosai

Thousali | Konkani Cucumber Dosa

It is kind of hard to believe how quickly this month has passed and we are in the final week already. By the end of the week we will be done with another awesome mega marathon of blogging 26 days of a month. Every time I decide to participate in a mega marathon of this kind I am excited and apprehensive in equal parts. I … Continue reading Thousali | Konkani Cucumber Dosa

Sanna Polo | Konkani style Cabbage Dosa

This is one of my favorite dishes for this month. This is a quick breakfast dish from the Konkani cuisine. Though it is a part of Maharashtra, Konkani cuisine has its own distinct flavours and style making it unique in itself. This is another cuisine, like Karnataka, which has many dosa style dishes, each tastier than the last. This dosa is a simple rice and … Continue reading Sanna Polo | Konkani style Cabbage Dosa