A to Z Flatbreads Round Up | 26 types of Dosas

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The month is up and we have completed yet another mega marathon when we blog for 26 days of a month with a pre-decided theme. This time we blogged about 26 flatbreads – Indian / International or Dosas/ Pancakes. I chose the dosa/ pancake option and made 26 types of dosas, one for each letter of the alphabet from A-Z. I discovered some amazing recipes from across the country and had a ball making these amazing, tasty, dosas.

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To be honest, I was disappointed about not being able to take the International Flatbreads option for this theme because I was not prepared enough in time and the family revolted and simply refused to co-operate in that regard. So I picked the dosas option with a tinge of sadness. But as I look back today at the different types of dosas and pancakes I discovered over the month across the length and breadth of the country, it does put a smile on my face. I can always do the international flatbreads from the million bookmarks I have created from my BM friends’ recipes this month. So let’s recap the dosas of this awesome Mega Marathon –

Adai | Lentil Crepes


Balehannu Dose | Banana Dosai


Chakuli Pitha


Davangere Benne Dose


Eerulli Dose


Farali Dosa


Gavhache Dhirde


Heerekai Sippe Dose | Ridge Gourd Peel Dosai


Inji Thokku Dosai | Ginger Pickle Dosa


Jini Dosa 


Khura | Buckwheat Pancakes


Lauki Chilla | Bottle Gourd Pancakes


Mysore Masala Dosai


Nei Dosai | Ghee Roast Dosa


Oodhalu Dose | Barnyard Millet Dosa


Patishapta Pitha


Quinoa Dosai


Rulavachi Bhakri | Mangalore style Rava Dosa


Sanna Polo | Konkani style Cabbage Dosa


Thousali | Konkani Cucumber Dosa


Utanki Dosa

Easy dosa

Verkadalai Dosa | Quick Peanut Dosa

Quick Peanut Dosa

Watermelon Dosa | Kalingana Polo


Xacuti Paneer Dosa


Yellu Dosai | Sesame Seeds Dosa

Sesame Seeds Dosa

Zucchini Utthapam


It has been a fun and enriching experience to learn about dosas and pancakes from various states of India. Check out the other BMers blogs in the linky tool below for a wide variety of Indian and international flatbreads.


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  1. Sowmya , it has been a great learning experience . When I look back on these Dosa’s , I wonder if I could have faired so well in this Dosa Marathon .

    Kudos you have rocked , though even I was expecting international Flatbreads from you , but seriously the complete marathon has been absolutely fantastic .

  2. Fantastic roundup Sowmya, each one so beautifully done!..and its really wonderful you managed on daily basis..this will be a most sought out roundup for sure!

  3. I use to be excited the moment I saw a new type of dosa on your blog. Awesome collection of dosa Sowmya. Have bookmarked a few

  4. Somwya, I wish I lived near you, I would definitely come to you to learn how to make big crispy dosas. Loved your collection of flatbreads and didn’t know that there was a huge variety of dosas. Thank you so much for sharing very interesting recipes.

  5. You have such a nice collection of dosas and so many from karnataka! I am booking quite a lot to try out later. I really enjoyed reading your posts and running this marathon with you Sowmya

  6. wow such a beautiful journey came to an end. Loved running with all of you. Got to know more a little about you via stories. Thanks.

  7. Sowmya, each and every dosai recipe of yours was amazing and so unique. I have learned so much about ingredients that I would have never thought of using it in a dosai. Loved the whole series and hats off to you to completing it successfully!

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