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Utanki Dosai


If you are looking for an authentic Utanki recipe, look no further. No, I mean it – Do not look further because this is nowhere close to how an authentic original Utanki needs to be. The Utanki is a stringy lace-y crepe like dish which is made with rice, milk and sugar. I tried, I really tried but it was a major flop and instead of an intricately designed crepe I got few separate rice balls and so I abandoned that effort.

But I still needed a dish starting with U for today and I had nothing. The other options I had for U needed longer and I did not have as much time. So I figured I would simply use the batter I already had for the Utanki to make simple extra thin dosais. I served it with some honey and the daughter gobbled it all up. So I think I have come up with a easy breakfast dish for her and so that thought makes me a wee bit happy.


Recipe adapted from here

Makes 8-10 small dosais


1/2 cup Rice flour

2 tbsp Sugar

4 tbsp Milk

Ghee / Clarified butter



  • Mix the rice flour, sugar and milk and set aside for 3-4 hours
  • Transfer it to a mixer jar and grind it all in a mixer till it is smooth
  • Add a little water to make a thick batter
  • Heat a tava and drizzle some ghee on it
  • Pour a ladle full of batter and spread it into a thin circular shape
  • Drizzle a little ghee at the edges of the dosai
  • Cook on simmer
  • Once the edges start browning, disengage the dosai with a stainless steel spatula and turn it over to the other side
  • After 20 seconds take it off the tava and repeat the procedure with the rest of the batter
  • Serve warm with some honey
  • Enjoy!


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  1. Cooking a dosa or roti with just rice flour is definitely a hard task, trust me this Utanki dosa came out extremely fabulous, i never tried making dosas just with rice flour. Well done Sowmya. You have nailed them prefectly.

  2. wow commendable that you tried so hard to geth the perfect Utanki recipe. such a crispy dosa it s. mouthwatering and a great traditional recipe shared.

  3. The Dosa does look lacy , perhaps you are a little hard on yourself ! Perhaps like me … we want perfection !
    To a person like me it’s excellent and sounds delicious too , so just smile .

  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Sowmya. The dosas look perfect to me. And the most important thing is that your daughter loved it. So think no further. Fantastic job.

  5. Utanki is so new to me. So I went and checked the recipe. It looks really hard to achieve. I am glad that you found a way to use up the batter. The dosas look so crispy and I am sure kids would love this sweet dosa.

  6. hahaha..you reminded me of the struggle I had this batter, its really tough man..I had challenged this for my ICC group and it was tough to get it as explained..wish I had known we could just make this dosa…very nice..

  7. I really liked the dosa, no matter it is authentic or not. The first look at the dosa was like was this looks so crispy and yum. But I really can understand what ur saying, yesterday was working on something completely different, though it’s taste was good, I could not click because non came out perfect.

  8. Wow! That is a great gluten free option for breakfast. I have never even thought of something with just rice flour. Such a handy recipe for quick morning breakfast. I am tempted to taste this with the honey.

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