Spicy Coriander Bread


It is December and so it is Bake-a-thon which is a legitimate justifiable reason to turn on the oven every couple of days to post baked dishes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I wanted to have a proper theme and everything but the family is in a super non co-operative mode and so I could not do an all bread event like I did the last time. So this time it will be a mix of muffins, cookies, cake and of course, bread.

I start this Bake-a-thon with a spicy bread just to go against the grain of starting everything with something sweet. I believe we don’t give spicy food its due. What would we do in life without some spice? So this is an easy spicy bread with fresh coriander, curry leaves and green chillies mixed into the dough.

Why I like this Bread?

It is spicy and it tastes amazing as is without any accompaniment. It makes for a lovely bread to carry when you travel because you don’t need butter or jam or cheese with it. Having said that this spicy bread is equally fabulous with some butter or even as a toast. It is easy to make and works well with all purpose flour as well as a half and half with whole wheat and all purpose flours. Do try!

Some other loaves I have baked are Whole wheat bran & seeded bread, Jamaican Hard Dough Bread and Pullman Loaf,


Makes one 8.5″ loaf


280 gms All purpose flour

28 gms Honey

18 gms Melted butter / Oil

1 tsp Instant yeast

1 3/4 tsp Salt

205 gms Lukewarm water

1/4 cup Fresh coriander

10-15 Curry leaves

3-4 Green chillies



  • Add the fresh coriander, curry leaves and chillies in a blender jar
  • Blend to a coarse mix with little water
  • In a large bowl, add the flour, honey, butter, yeast and salt
  •  Add the coriander mix and water and mix to form a wet dough
  • Cover with a cling wrap (See note) and set aside in a greased bowl till it doubles in volume, around 90 minutes
  • You can refrigerate this dough after this step upto 4 days
  • Grease an 8.5″ * 4.5″ loaf pan
  • Transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface and shape it into a tight ball by pulling it from front to back on all four sides
  • Extend it slightly and drop it into the loaf pan
  • Cover and let it rise till double, around 90 minutes
  • Preheat the oven to 250C
  • Bake at 200C for 25-27 minutes till the top is nicely brown and the loaf has started pulling away from the edges
  • Cool in the loaf pan for 5-7 minutes
  • Unmould the loaf and let it cool on a wire rack till completely cool, around 120 minutes
  • Slice and serve
  • Enjoy!



  1. You can replace half of the all purpose flour with whole wheat flour. If you are doing that, increase the water to 220gms
  2. Instead of cling wrap you can use shower caps. They are easy to use and also can be used multiple times which is a little less problematic for the environment
  3. You can reduce the number of green chillies if you want a less spicy version. You can also add fresh mint or other herbs as per your taste



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  1. Sandhya says:

    Looks so yummy! Love the color Sowmya!

  2. Beautiful colour because of the coriander used. I have started loving spicy dishes more than the sweeter ones recently. So this is one loaf I would love to try.

  3. Srivalli Jetti says:

    Wow fantastic Sowmya, I would to have a taste of this beautifully done bread!..yes I agree we always think of starting and ending with sweet, why would anybody want to miss this out!..looking forward to your mixed theme, I am sure I will end up bookmarking all of them!

  4. Wow ! The colour of the bread , and of course the texture looks fabulous . Every time I see you breads I wish I could bake like you . . It sure is a treat to enjoy these breads virtually .

  5. Priya Suresh says:

    Can smell the flavor of this beautiful and aromatic bread, look at that mild greenish colour, oh god. Simply awesome Sowmya.. Lovely bread there.

  6. Renu Agrawal Dongre says:

    This bread is on my to do since ages and hopefully if I get a chance will try soon. A bread with all this awesome flavours would be a sure win win.

  7. Varada says:

    Great texture and color! The loaf turned out awesome. Looking forward to your bakes.

  8. Pavani says:

    That is a delicious looking spicy coriander bread. What a beautiful color and amazing crumb.

  9. I agree to you… baking is so synonymous to sweet, that spicy doesn’t even come in picture for many, and I am guilty of the same! That bread looks amazing, what color the coriander has lend the loaf… this would have made amazing sandwiches!

  10. Annapurnaz says:

    The bread with coriander and curry leaves has got an amazing color, so must be the taste. I’m dying to bake some breads, but my oven is giving me a tough time even after a visit to service centre.

  11. Nalini says:

    The color and texture of the bread tempts me to make an attempt.The bread got a lovely texture, perfect one for travel.

  12. Sharmila says:

    Wow!! That have gorgeous texture . Bread looks so tempting.

  13. Beautiful colour.. Coriander is such a beautiful ingredient to bake with!!

  14. Kalyani says:

    Here comes the bread Guru 🙂 lovely hue from the coriander paste. 280 grams seems a lot of hard work for me to lug my weighing pan from wherever its disappeared into, so will wait for you to come visit with this bread.. looks so much like the khara bread available in bakeries..

  15. Sharmila says:

    Texture of the coriander bread just looks fantastic..

  16. Priya Srinivasan says:

    What a colorful loaf sowmya, i love spicy loafs, wish i could grab a slice from the pic and enjoy it with a good blob of butter!! Ohh yumm!!!!

  17. Pavani says:

    Bread looks absolutely yummy and i love the colour of the bread.Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  18. FoodTrails says:

    Beautiful texture and color of the bread…it looks so tempting, some butter on it and all set to enjoy this a cup of hot chai!!

  19. This looks so good souwmya. I am bookmarking this. Lovely colour, texture and perfect crumb

  20. Padmajha PJ says:

    What a beautiful start for the event Sowmya! I can imagine the taste of the bread, esp,lathered with butter and a cup if coffee will make the platter whole!! Sooo good!!!

  21. what a great bread – first of all color is so inviting and can imagine so flavorful on its own lovely to grab and go!

  22. Suma Gandlur says:

    This spicy bread with a pat of butter sounds great for breakfast.

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