Seeded Sourdough Boule for Bread Bakers


Now that I have figured out the basics of baking a sourdough bread, I decided to take the next step with some delicious additions to the loaf. I thought of giving it some crunch with pumpkin seeds and a good bite with replacing some of the all purpose flour with whole wheat flour. As of now, I know how long will my starter take to double and what is a good time for bulk fermentation and final proofing in this temperature and weather. I know I will have to recalibrate some of them when the winter sets in and the humidity is lower. This unpredictability is my favorite part of the sourdough journey. It makes each loaf seem like your first one and the excitement when you open the oven door never goes away.

This loaf has 1/3 whole wheat flour and the balance is all purpose flour. Since I also added a generous amount of pumpkin seeds, I was well prepared for a closed crumb and that is how it was. No big holes or airy crumb this time. But I loved the crunch of the seeds and the bite that the whole wheat flour imparts. Since whole wheat absorbs more water than all purpose flour, I had increased the hydration to 73% and I felt it could take more but I did not want a very wet dough and left it at this.


The autolyse was for 1 and half hours and the bulk fermentation took 8 hours. I then shaped and proofed it for two hours at room temperature and then a cold retard in the refrigerator overnight. I baked it for 40 minutes covered and 15 minutes uncovered. In hindsight though, I should have baked it longer for a better crumb.



Makes 1 loaf

Ambient temperature was between 23-26C. If your temperature significantly differs from this then the time required for bulk fermentation and proofing will also be impacted


200 gms All purpose flour

100 gms Whole wheat flour

220 gms Water

60 gms Sourdough starter, fed and active

7-8 gms Salt

25-30 gms Pumpkin seeds (Can be replaced with any other seeds of your choice)


  • Mix the all purpose flour, whole wheat flour and water in a large bowl ensuring no dry flour remains
  • Cover and set aside
  • After 2 hours, add the starter and salt to the bowl and mix well
  • Knead it for 4-5 minutes till it all comes together. This is optional. You can simply mix and leave it at that
  • Cover and set aside
  • In the next 2 hours, perform 4 stretch and folds at 30 minute intervals
  • In the final stretch and fold, add the pumpkin seeds to the dough and then perform the stretch and fold
  • This will ensure the seeds are evenly distributed
  • The dough will be more extensible and softer by the end of 2 hours
  • Cover and set aside in a warm place for 4-6 hours till the dough doubles or significantly rises in volume
  • Then transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface and shape it into a round shape like a boule
  • Keep it in a banetton or any basket or bowl and cover it
  • Let it prove for 2 hours at room temperature
  • The dough would have started increasing in volume by now
  • Transfer it to the refrigerator and keep it there overnight or 6-7 hours
  • Preheat the oven to 250C
  • Transfer the dough to a dutch oven or any greased oven proof covered bowl
  • If you want, sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on the top of the dough and then brush with some water on it
  • Score the bread / make few cuts on the top of the dough to ensure there is a path for the steam to escape
  • Bake covered for 35-40 minutes at 230C
  • Take off the cover and bake for 15-20 minutes at 220C
  • If you want to get more colour on the top then broil for 2-3 minutes
  • Take the loaf out of the oven and transfer it to a cooling rack
  • Cool completely for 2 hours
  • Cut the loaf only after it has completely cooled
  • Enjoy!

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