Rulavachi Bhakri | Mangalore style Rava Dosai


I cannot believe how fast this month is passing by. When I began this mega marathon, I only had a rough draft of a list of dishes I wanted to make. I figured that dosais are easy and can be made on a day to day basis. I did not realise that so many of them were the soak and ferment kind but I managed. For some alphabets I just wrote down the first dish that came to mind just to complete the list. For R, I had written down Raagi dosai which I make frequently at home though I have never blogged about it. Then I chanced upon this amazing easy rava dosa from Mangalore and I knew it just had to be done.

This is a very flavorful and easy to make dosai which uses ingredients readily available at home. I did not want to blog about any more dosais from Karnataka but I figured that Mangalore cuisine is a separate category in itself as is Coorgi cuisine. So, it is technically not Karnataka dosai, right?

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Recipe adapted from here

Makes 5-6 Bhakris


1/2 cup Semolina / Rava

1/4 cup Whole wheat flour / Atta

2 tbsp Curds / Hung curds

2 tbsp Grated coconut

1-2 tbsp Finely chopped onion

1 tsp Finely chopped ginger

2 tsp Finely chopped fresh coriander






  • Mix the semolina, whole wheat flour and grated coconut in a bowl
  • Add the curds and make a thick paste
  • Add onion, coriander, ginger, salt and water to make a batter similar in consistency to an idli batter
  • Heat a tava and drizzle some oil
  • Pour a ladle full of batter and spread it around in a circular shape
  • The bhakri will be thick and not very spread-able
  • Drizzle some oil along the edges and let it cook on high flame for a minute or two
  • Once the top part looks cooked, use a steel spatula to disengage the bhakri from the tava and turn it over
  • Let it cook on medium flame for a minute
  • Take it off the tava and repeat the procedure for the rest of the batter
  • Serve warm with chutney or butter
  • Enjoy!



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  1. Mangalore style rava dosai looks as much as like dal adais na, very thick and am sure these bhakris will definitely make some hungry tummy happy quickly.

  2. I keep gazing at the variety of Dosa’s you come up with ! I love this one as much as I have liked the others ! Soaking and fermenting on day to day basis is a task for me and I would never be able to do , but you do it with such ease .
    This Manglorean one seems to be a simple one , getting its flavour from coconut . I am wondering if I will ever be able to do a Dosa Marathon !

  3. My folks would definitely get bored with dosas everyday. With parathas I am barely able to manage 🙂 But I had made some long time back and so I am able to manage. But these dosas win the day by miles. Fantastic pick.

  4. haha it is happening with me too, already made a list with the dish to make but as soon as BM progressing I changes. But loving this fun and great that I joined. This bhakhri must be delicious.

  5. Yea agree no two regions in a state has similar technically we are doing different cuisines..this one is an excellent choice yaar!

  6. Sowmya, everyday you amaze me with a new style of dosa. No ferment dosa is always a preferred option as it is quick to make. Coconut in this dosa must have lent it a nice flavor

  7. Thats a nice recipe Sowmya. It must have been so flavorful! I too kept changing the dishes in the list and many rotis were searched for, cooked, clicked and posted on the same day!

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