Kids’ Delight – Baked Treats Round up

This is my first time hosting an event and it has been so much fun. I keep wondering why I did not start sooner. Thank you to Valli of Spice your Life whose Kids’ Delight theme I am hosting this month.

My friends from our Blogging Marathon group have come up with some amazing Baked Treats for kids which should not only make your kids happy but also awaken the kid in you for that little bit of indulgence.

Here are the treats for this month –

GAYATHRI @Gayathriscookspot

Gayathri has some delicious and easy to bake cookies this month perfect for an evening snack for the little ones.

  1. Tea time Biscuits
Tea Time Cookies 14
Tea time Biscuits

Gayathri has got back to blogging about her amazing bakes with these tea time biscuits. These biscuits are a delicious homemade version of the popular Marie biscuits and are a perfect accompaniment to a glass of milk or cup of tea and a perfect bonding between mother and daughter.

2. Banketstaven / Letterbanket / Dutch Letters

Dutch Letters 4
Dutch Letters

Gayathri says of this – “the pastry turned out amazingly crispy and flaky and the soft almond paste filling added to the texture”. A very tempting dish indeed.

3. Jodenkoeken

Jodenkoek 2

These are buttery flaky cookies from Netherlands and the toughest part is pronouncing the name. A definite addition to your baking day.

HARINI @ Tamalapaku

Harini has three delightful eggless recipes to entice kids and adults alike.

  1. Eggless Coconut Yogurt Brownies
Eggless Coconut Yogurt Brownies (1)
Coconut Yogurt Brownies

Harini made this for her daughter’s birthday and need I to say it resulted in a absolutely happy kid. With coconut and walnuts the brownie is a treat for all.

2. Eggless Zucchini Savory Scones

Eggless Zucchini Savory Scones (2)
Zucchini Savory Scones

These scones are a perfect example of not all treats are sweet. With zucchini, wheat flour and caramelized onions, it beautifully combines taste and health for your little ones.

3. Eggless Carrot Muffins with Condensed Milk

Eggless Carrot Muffins With Condensed Milk (3)
Carrot Muffins with Condensed Milk

Baking these quick muffins along with your child is a lovely way to teach them some baking and have a fun afternoon. Not to mention enjoying the tasty results with your proud kiddo.

RENU @CookwithRenu

Renu has some lovely healthy bakes which would satisfy kids and their mothers alike.

  1. Eggless Sugarless Butterless Dates & Walnut Cake
Dates & Walnut Cake

Renu promises that you won’t miss the eggs, butter or sugar in this dates and walnut cake. So it is a perfectly healthy snack to give your child who will also be excited with this sweet treat.

2. Nankhatai


These delicious eggless cookies have a melt in your mouth texture and is loved by kids and adults. It is so hard to stop at just one.

3. Whole wheat carrot cake Whole wheat carrot cake

Whole Wheat Carrot Cake

Baking is therapeutic and Renu found the perfect way to therapy with this beautiful carrot cake where she can sneak in vegetables for the kids and put a smile on their faces.

Finally we have my dishes –

  1. Baked Mini Donuts
Baked Donuts

I made these for my daughter who was ecstatic about the perfect beginning to a long weekend.

2. Garlic and Cheese Pretzels

Garlic & Cheese Pretzels

These soft pretzels make an ideal evening snack or a good addition to the kiddo’s snack box. My daughter loved eating them and wanted more after finishing most of the pretzels.

3. Nankhatai


These are a bout of nostalgia for me as I reminisce over my mother baking these cookies for me when I was all of 10 and these are just as delicious and tempting as I remember. I hope to take some for her the next time I meet her to get that ever elusive stamp of approval.


Hope you enjoyed these treats as much as we did in baking them. Do try these recipes and drop in a line as to how you liked them.

This is my post for the Kid’s Delight event started by Valli of Spice your Life and hosted by me this month for the theme, ‘Baked Treats‘.


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