Potato Skins

These potato skins saved me from messing up this theme of USA cuisine. I originally planned on a s’mores mug cake which fell through. So I fell back on potatoes which is the ultimate saviour as also very American. The daughter loves it and that is a huge benefit. I also figured I could to sneak in veggies inside all that cheese. In her words, … Continue reading Potato Skins

Stuffed Vegetables

Ever since my daughter changed schools, I have been having a tough time. The school provides her a lovely lunch and so now I am left to cooking lunches only for myself. If you are not aware, the most boring thing ever is cooking for one. So my strategy is to plan my blog posts for my lunch to give me some motivation and enthusiasm … Continue reading Stuffed Vegetables

Eggless Herbed Scones

The daughter loves scones and so do I. It reminds me of the endless stories from my childhood when I read Enid Blyton tales with secret picnics, afternoon teas and midnight feasts and almost everyone of them having scones on the menu. As a child I was so curious about what scones are and how they taste. So now I love making them because it … Continue reading Eggless Herbed Scones

Fabulous Banana Bread

    I know I have more than my fair share of banana bread recipes on this blog yet I get excited by a different one. Also, according to me, banana bread is a good indicator of people’s baking skills and recipe expertise. If even their banana bread recipe doesn’t work, it is safe to assume nothing else will. Why I like this dish? This is … Continue reading Fabulous Banana Bread

Finnish Rye Scones

After an entire month of dosas and more dosas, I am back to my breads in October. This week’s theme for our Blogging Marathon is to pick one alphabet and blog about three dishes from three countries of that alphabet. I picked F because I thought it is quite a neglected alphabet. It is not a popular one like S or M and there are … Continue reading Finnish Rye Scones

Garlic & Cheese Pretzels

When we lived in Malaysia, we frequented Auntie Anne’s for their delicious pretzels. The daughter and I would spend some time simply watching them behind the counter shape the pretzels with amazing accuracy and speed. She loves the soft pretzels as do I and we both always picked the savory ones as against the sweet options. So this dish is an attempt to recreate that … Continue reading Garlic & Cheese Pretzels

Baked Mini Donuts

Today is the first day of a three day weekend. The daughter and I have an agreement that she eats whatever I make during school days and I make whatever she asks for during holidays. Most of the time it makes mt life easier though I understand I have to renegotiate this just before vacations. So today she asked for donuts and I had to … Continue reading Baked Mini Donuts

Flaxseed Dinner Rolls

I love dinner rolls and keep finding new recipes to make. You can have them with other dishes like pasta or if you are like me, you can have them with a slather of butter anytime of the day. These rolls taste wonderful with the flavour of herbs coming through as also the nutty flaxseed and the slight crunch of bran. Recipe adapted from here … Continue reading Flaxseed Dinner Rolls

Eggless Cinnamon Rolls

The second dish in this week’s theme of ‘Wraps & Rolls’ is the classic Cinnamon Roll. I have previously posted this dish which is an egg version whereas this one is an eggless version. My recent endeavour has been to bake eggless versions of the dishes I usually bake with egg. This one is delightful, so soft and delicious. The best part is that it … Continue reading Eggless Cinnamon Rolls

Herbs & Garlic Rolls

All through my life I have tried to lose weight. It has mostly not worked because I would not stick to any plan for more than a week. Then I would look at people thinner than me wearing pretty clothes and sulk. This has been going on forever with no end in sight. Finally I figured out how to solve the problem. No, I am … Continue reading Herbs & Garlic Rolls