Banana Flittas


One advice I would like to give people who are yet to be married is that to look for someone with similar taste in food. A surprisingly lot of time and effort in your life is with regard to food – buying, making, eating. If you don’t agree on that, it is not going to be easy. Trust me. You’ll thank me later. It has taken us nearly a decade to find a middle path and now we have the daughter’s taste to consider which is very likely to disrupt the equation we have painstakingly worked on to cause equal grief to both of us. 

Usually I am of the opinion that fruits should not be cooked but should be had raw and with its skin whenever possible. I do enjoy my orange cake and banana bread (but the bananas are overripe and so shouldn’t count. Right?) but little else. So I was kind of skeptical to make these banana fritters or flitaas as they are called in Jamaica. But once I did, the husband and daughter loved it so much that they are trying to make me promise to repeat this as often as I can. I am so torn between my principles and the demands of the family. Sigh! Well, I did like it too!


Recipe adapted from here

Makes around 10


Bananas, ripe, medium                    2

All purpose flour                                1/2 cup

Sugar                                                     2-3 tbsp

Baking soda                                          A pinch

Ground cinnamon                              1/4 tsp

Salt                                                         A pinch

Oil                                                           2 tsp

Milk                                                        1 tbsp

Oil for deep frying
WHAT TO DO           

  • Heat oil in a pan for deep frying
  • Mash the bananas well in a bowl and set aside
  • Mix the flour, sugar, cinnamon, baking soda and salt
  • Add 2 tsp oil and the milk to the mashed bananas
  • Add the banana mixture to the flour mixture and combine to form a smooth, wet dough
  • Drop spoonfuls of the dough in the hot oil and fry till golden brown
  • Enjoy!


  1. The amount of sugar depends on the sweetness of the bananas. You need to taste and adjust to your preference
  2. An option is to roll the deep fried flittas in some cinnamon sugar to give it an additional level of flavour and sweetness 


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14 thoughts on “Banana Flittas

  1. Hahhaaa Sowmya, you forgot to mention that as husbands grow older their food preference too changes. One day they’ll love a particular dish and then one fine day they’ll tell you that they don’t like it! Flittas look so yum. Much like quick doughnuts.

  2. I can’t stop smiling… sometimes I wonder if I married the wrong guy! πŸ˜‰ He is not a foodie at all, but sometimes he does beat my understanding by going overboard and eating too… hehe… I seem to love these flittas… as much as I love eating my fruits as is, at times I love it in smoothies and bakes. πŸ™‚

  3. In general I would agree with your opinion about bananas and cooking but mother made a variation of these during the monsoon season and I loved them. I am sure these were super tasty too.

  4. Even I like eating fruits as such in its raw form, but sometimes use them in bakes and shakes. these banana fritters are a lovely idea of using over ripe bananas

  5. Sowmya I will love to follow the advice but you are a bit too late. I have 4 people whose like I take into account when I cook. It is only now my girls tell me to cook what I want and they will eat. They browbeat hubby to eat what I cook. So there is hope for you.
    Flittas are delicious and do make them often.

  6. I agree that sometime I feel like I am living in a zoo. Love the banana fritters though. Banana is one fruit that i don’t mind cooking in any form. I have made this fritter too and sort of fell in love with the mild sweetness and flavor.

  7. I actually bookmarks this for week 2 but ended doing quick bread ! Love this quick snack, something similar to our quick neiappam!
    LOL on your advice, but can understand that feeling!

  8. loved reading ur post πŸ™‚ am not much for even processing fruits (even juice them), thankfully the better half and kids agree on that. but these look scrumptious . i think in kerala they have a similar one called “pazhampori” where the nendran is fried in large slices with a similar batter.

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