Paneer Manchurian

If you are a vegetarian in India who loves Chinese food (Indo-Chinese, to be accurate) you have to order a manchurian gravy with either fried rice or hakka noodles. It is as if no other dish exists. I have gone to countless dinners with friends and family and every time we landed at a Chinese…


Veg Hakka Noodles

There was a small little Indo-Chinese joint near my college which served the usual fare of Hakka noodles, fried rice and manchurian. The lovely part was that one plate of noodles or rice was just Rs. 25 and even better that it was sufficient to satiate two college kids. The best part of that was…

Spring Onion Soup

  I have one of my favorite soups for today. Ever since I came across this recipe, I have been making it multiple times and surprisingly the husband likes it too. The nice part of it is the minimal ingredients required for deliciousness, most of which are usually available in the pantry at all times….