Simple Fruit Salad

Saying that it is hot here is an understatement of epic proportions. Everyday is declared as the hottest day till date and things are only expected to get worse. The husband is sniffing and coughing, the daughter is just about recovering and the house is a mess. 

I buy the most raw fruits I can find and it gets ripe within a day. Green papayas turn bright yellow overnight. Bananas turn black within two days and I am running out of recipes to make with overripe bananas.  So for the past few days, I am just putting all the ripe and near overripe fruits I can find in a large bowl and eating them for dinner. This is one such –

Makes 4 bowls of salad


Watermelon                1/4 

Apple                             1

Orange                          1

Grapes                          10-15

Bananas                       3

Honey                          To taste

Chat masala               A Sprinkle

Mint leaves                 To garnish


  • Cut all the fruits, except grape soda, into similar sized pieces
  • Mix well
  • Add honey and chat masala and mix well 
  • Garnish with mint leaves
  • Enjoy a little respite from the heat 


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