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Carrot Salad

This is another easy and simple salad. Carrots are a salad regular and I usually make it South Indian style. This recipe from the book, Diva Green, had a different flavour combination for the ubiquitous carrot. The mint, sesame seeds, honey and lemon juice make a beautiful team to enhance this simple salad to the …

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Simple Fruit Salad

     Saying that it is hot here is an understatement of epic proportions. Everyday is declared as the hottest day till date and things are only expected to get worse. The husband is sniffing and coughing, the daughter is just about recovering and the house is a mess.  I buy the most raw fruits …

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Chat Salad

    When I picked the Salads theme for this week’s Blogging Marathon, my idea was to finally start my ‘healthy eating’, three months into the new year. I read up a lot on salads and various dressings but fell back to my default regular recipes which I make for myself. These are my go-to recipes …