McD style Paneer Burger


Saying that I love paneer is similar to saying that the earth is round. Known undisputed fact. I include it in most dishes I make and it only turns out better. Ever since McD introduced the paneer burger, it is the only thing I order when we eat there. So when I picked the burger theme for this month’s Blogging Marathon, my first thought was the amazing paneer burger which has been on the cards for a while now. The only problem I have with the McD version is that it is too spicy for my taste. So I modified that part and made a fabulous mildly spicy version. I made this while the husband was on tour and so enjoyed it all on my own in dairy heaven.

I made this burger from scratch including baking the burger buns and making paneer at home. Totally worth the effort! I will post the burger buns recipe soon. This recipe is only for making the paneer patty and assembling the burger. So here goes –

Recipe adapted from here.

Makes 1 burger


Paneer slice                                   1 * 50 gms

Quick cooking oats                      3 tbsp

Chilly powder                                1/2 tsp

Cornflour paste                             2 tbsp

Mayonnaise                                     1 tbsp

Chilly sauce                                      1 tsp

Oil for deep frying

Tomato slice                                       1-2

Onion slice                                          1


Burger bun, lightly toasted             1


  • Take the quick cooking oats in a blender jar and blend it to a powder.
  • Mix the oats powder with salt and chilly powder and keep it in a flat plate or bowl
  • For the cornflour paste, mix 2 tbsp of cornflour with 1-2 tsp water to make a paste that can be coated on the paneer
  • Heat the oil
  • Take the paneer slice and coat it with the cornflour paste
  • Once it is fully coated, put the paneer in the plate of oats and coat it on all sides thoroughly
  • Slip the paneer slice into the hot oil and fry till turns golden brown
  • Take it of the oil and set aside

Assembling the burger

  • Cut the burger bun horizontally and toast it, if you like it that way
  • Else, simply cut the burger bun and place the two slices side by side
  • On the lower half, place the paneer patty and top it with tomato and onion slices
  • Mix the mayonnaise with the chilly sauce and add it on top of the onion slice
  • Place the top half of the burger on the mayo
  • Serve with tomato ketchup
  • Enjoy!


Notes –

  1. For a more spicy version, add tobasco sauce with the mayo and increase the chilly powder to 1 tsp while mixing it with the oats powder
  2. For a more authentic taste, you can add cayenne pepper powder instead of chilly powder
  3. I am not a fan of lettuce and so I usually avoid it. You can place the lettuce on the burger bun and place the paneer patty on it if you like.


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