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When we returned from Malaysia to Bangalore, we were provided accommodation by the husband’s company for a month or so. Thankfully, we were staying very close to an MTR restaurant and went there almost everyday for a meal. In that one month, we have eaten almost everything on their menu and some more than once, so much so that now we are tired of MTR and have decided to not venture anywhere close to it for a brief while.

When the theme of thali came up in the Blogging Marathon, my first thought was to recreate the MTR special meals that we had many times and enjoyed it immensely. I have left out a couple of items like one more sweet and beeda but otherwise this thali is a faithful remake of the special meal at MTR. The best part was that we would take two Thalis and comfortably share it amongst the three of us and still feel overfed.

I took about 2 1/2 hours to make all of this except Sambhar and Rasam. I made the Sambhar and Rasam the previous day. It is also perfectly fine to make to payasa on the previous day and the vegetables for the palya and sagu can be cut and prepped the previous day. This would considerably reduce the time.

What I learnt while researching for this thali was –

Palya is stir fried vegetables mostly garnished with coconut.

Sagu is a light gravy based side dish for roti, dosa or poori. I have eaten innumerable set Dosa with sagu and that is next on the agenda to make at home.

Payasa is kheer or payasam.

Bisibele Bhath is as easy to make as it is delicious to eat. I have successfully tried it a few times and once even for guests and everyone survived. Must have every week.

This Thali has –


Bisibele Bhath


Mixed Vegetable Sagu

Beetroot Palya








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