Oven roasted carrot soup

If you want to make anything delicious, I suggest you roast it in the oven. Tomatoes, yes…onions, yes….carrots, yes….sweet potato, yes….garlic ,yes. I think I have made my case. Roasting in the oven gives the dish a lovely aroma and an explosion of flavours that are otherwise not unearthed. I know I have two more carrot soups on my blog (here and here) but do … Continue reading Oven roasted carrot soup


Moroccan Roasted Carrot Soup

The weather is Bangalore is amazing this time of the year. It is cold enough to want to have tea and hot, deep fried snacks all the time but not too cold that you need multiple layers of clothes. It is perfect weather for a soup and I had some carrots which had to be used at the earliest. I roasted them with some onions … Continue reading Moroccan Roasted Carrot Soup

Thai scented Asparagus Soup

The protein for today is Asparagus. It is one of the vegetables high in protein. Most of my experience with asparagus is what I have watched on Masterchef Australia. It is one of the vegetables I used to drool over and wonder how it would taste. Asparagus is not very easily available in India. But when I saw that it was rich in proteins I … Continue reading Thai scented Asparagus Soup

September Cooking Carnival Round up

  We had a mega blogging marathon for the entire month of September for which I chose the theme of Soups. I have showcased 26 different soups each of which was a lovely experience, not to mention it got my daughter eating way more vegetables than usual. Here is a recap of the series – Roast Tomato & Bread Soup Spring Onion Soup Quick Potato … Continue reading September Cooking Carnival Round up

Potato and Corn Chowder

Honestly, I cannot believe that I completed the Mega Marathon in time. It was a challenging month with the moving in to the new house and settling down and blogging daily. Of course, in my mother’s words -“You could simply have done it next month.” But it is hard to explain as to why doing my first mega marathon is important. It is Very Important and … Continue reading Potato and Corn Chowder

Moroccon Style Chickpea Soup

When I started the soup theme this month, my plan was to make more lentil, bean and grain soup so that I could replace my meals with them and spend lesser time in the kitchen. But I saw so many varieties of soups with different veggie combinations that I sidelined the grains and lentils and went after the veggies. So when I came across this … Continue reading Moroccon Style Chickpea Soup

Clear Onion Soup

I am not a huge fan of clear soups. Therefore the logical conclusion is that the husband is. He does not understand why soups need to be creamy, rich purees as against light soups with lots of flavour and I fail to comprehend why I need such clear soups when water will do the trick. Plus I don’t like straining out all the veggies. I … Continue reading Clear Onion Soup

Corn and Capsicum Soup

I believe this is the longest I have gone in my blog without a recipe including cheese. And how could we let that happen? Though this one doesn’t have cheese as a main ingredient, it does lend a lovely flavour to the soup and though it is optional, I would recommend it wholeheartedly. This soup has curry powder as its main flavour. I did not … Continue reading Corn and Capsicum Soup

Carrot Soup

Carrot soup has been on my list since the beginning of this mega marathon but I kept postponing it. I would buy carrots with the intention to make the soup but I would end up using it for upma or pulao and postpone it yet again. If nothing else, my daughter would eat up the carrots leaving me staring at the empty fridge tray. Finally, the … Continue reading Carrot Soup