Macadamia Muffins

  My second post for the theme, Dishes from the Southern Hemisphere, was the one I was most excited about. I finally managed to get some macadamia which I tasted few years ago and loved. We had a fabulous family reunion last month and one of my cousins was kind enough to remember and get me some macadamia all the way from Australia. I was … Continue reading Macadamia Muffins

Eggless Tutti Frutti Muffins

I have to begin this post with an apology. I had promised to post 3 bread recipes with the ingredient of all purpose flour. But the daughter and husband were totally against it and jointly insisted on a sweet dish instead. I tried my best but they are quite the team, I tell you. So we have these soft and easy eggless muffins that can … Continue reading Eggless Tutti Frutti Muffins

Hi Tea Spread | Masala Chai Muffins

This is the final post in this week’s Thali series. My sister-in-law gifted me a cupcake / hi tea stand and I have been planning to use it in the blog for ages now. I didn’t want to miss the chance this time and so I figured making a hi tea spread for the Thali theme would be just perfect. Hi tea is a British … Continue reading Hi Tea Spread | Masala Chai Muffins

Eggless Rose Petal Jam & Cardamom Muffins

We had a fabulous BM meet in February when around a dozen of us met in Delhi and had an absolute blast. I met some of my fellow marathoners for the first time and we got along like a house on fire. During that trip, we visited a spice market and picked up some spices and condiments, one of which was dried rose petals. Now, … Continue reading Eggless Rose Petal Jam & Cardamom Muffins

Banana Honey Muffins

Life is full of wonderful little surprises. One such is this banana honey muffin I made. I needed to have muffins for my continental breakfast spread I made for the Thali theme last month. I was in a tearing hurry because I need to finish cooking and clicking by 10 in the morning else the sun is gone and my pictures look worse than ever. … Continue reading Banana Honey Muffins

Whole wheat orange muffins

    This is a recipe I am very sentimental about. This was the first recipe I baked. I started baking around two years ago and was pretty nervous. I had read up a lot on baking and everyone spoke about how important precise measurements are and how necessary it is to choose the right way to measure – cups versus weight. The line that gave … Continue reading Whole wheat orange muffins

Gulab Jamun Mix Muffins

I write this blog post mainly for two reasons – 1. Blogging Marathon time again. yay! 2. More importantly, to serve me as an eternal reminder – Never trust the Husband with grocery shopping. Like never ever! We travel 100 kms once a month to the ‘nearest’ Indian grocery store. The scene is usually a very crowded shop that is as big as the inside … Continue reading Gulab Jamun Mix Muffins

Strawberry Jam Muffin Tragedy

Suddenly, I had a craving for strawberry muffins. I hunted for strawberries for almost a week but could not find good ones anywhere near home. Finally I found this recipe and settled on the next to best option. It was simple and the pictures looked delicious. But unfortunately the power at home decided to play truant at the exact time it should not, while baking. The muffin … Continue reading Strawberry Jam Muffin Tragedy

Whole wheat orange muffin

There is more than one reason for me to be watching and reducing my weight. I can’t stop baking though, hence my efforts are towards healthier recipes without sacrificing taste. I combined two or three recipes that I saw online and came up with this one. I was to add dates and walnuts to these muffins but I forgot. Yet they turned out really good. So, … Continue reading Whole wheat orange muffin