Snake gourd & Red lentil Kootu

All my life I hated eating kootu though my mother never gave up trying to feed it to us. Then I got married and became fully incharge of the kitchen which is when I realised how easy and nutritious and tasty the kootu is. It has a beautiful blend of vegetables and lentils, not to forget the ever evolving spice blend and a crackling tadka … Continue reading Snake gourd & Red lentil Kootu

Stuffed Spicy Snake Gourd

    You won’t believe how pretty the snake gourds in Malaysia look. Compared to these, what I was used to in Bangalore seem like their distant anorexic cousin. Having tried various flavours and combinations with snake gourd, I figured I could stuff some of them in it and it would taste good.  And it did.    WHAT WE NEED Snake gourd         … Continue reading Stuffed Spicy Snake Gourd