Quick Loaf

I have been forever trying to find a bread recipe that can be done with a single rise and yet have the lightness and taste of the yeasted loaf. Finally I am so glad I found this recipe. It works like a charm. I made a few modifications to it but it worked nevertheless. So this is my new favorite bread recipe to be made … Continue reading Quick Loaf

Quick Bread – Zucchini Bread

We had the children’s day celebration at our apartment complex for which they organised a drawing and colouring contest. Sounds good, right? But no. Parents were breathing down the necks of the little ones (read 8 to 10 year olds!) giving them detailed instructions on what they need to draw or the colour they need to use. My daughter made those sad puppy dog eyes … Continue reading Quick Bread – Zucchini Bread

Spelt flour & Spinach Loaf

My original plan for this Mega Marathon was to bake 26 protein rich breads. But I did not find the time to do that and then I modified it to protein rich bakes. Finally I figured I would showcase different vegetarian proteins because quite a few vegetarians I know are tired of the question, ‘What is your protein source?’ But I wanted to have at … Continue reading Spelt flour & Spinach Loaf

Bobota / Simple Cornbread

The second dish for the Greek theme is a simple cornbread. While I am not a huge fan of sweet breads, this one has the magic word in it – ‘orange juice’. Anything with orange juice works wonders for me and I immediately picked this dish. It is a quick bread and so the time taken for prep is minimal and the result is a … Continue reading Bobota / Simple Cornbread

Quick Bread – Beer Bread

I tried quite a bit but could not get a yeast bread with Q or maybe I didn’t look hard enough. So I decided to do a bit of ‘jugaad’ / compromise and do a Quick Bread from Q. Quick bread is any bread leavened with leavening agents other than yeast or eggs. They can┬ábe prepared quickly without requiring the time-consuming skilled labor and the … Continue reading Quick Bread – Beer Bread

Rosemary Cornbread

When people move between countries, they take the best of what is available in the country of origin that would not be available in the country of destination. eg people who move from Malaysia to India would ideally buy furniture or electronics because the former is seen to be of better quality and the latter available at a lower price. But there are still others, … Continue reading Rosemary Cornbread