Khus khus Pulao

My dishes for the next few days are based on what ingredients are available in my pantry and refrigerator because I am on a clearing spree. I have been meaning to use certain ingredients for a while now and I won’t get a better opportunity. So always on the list is khus khus or poppy seeds. I always have it on hand except when I … Continue reading Khus khus Pulao

Whole Wheat Bran & Seeded Bread

All my life, I have been a staunch supporter of all purpose flour when it comes to baking bread. It makes a lovely light loaf and easily beats all other flours in terms of taste. Call it destiny or old age, of late I have started enjoying whole wheat loaves a lot. I love the chewy texture and the flavour it brings along. Though I … Continue reading Whole Wheat Bran & Seeded Bread

Poppy Seed Waffles

This is the last day of the week and I am using poppy seeds for my final dish this week. The first three days were for the three popular nuts – cashews, almonds and pistachios and the next three days for the seeds – chia seeds, flaxseeds and now poppy seeds. I bought some poppy seeds quite a while back to make some Karnataka special … Continue reading Poppy Seed Waffles

Montreal Bagel

We have touched the half way mark today in this┬ámega marathon with 13 bakes done and another 13 to go. It is turning out to be a crazy, chaotic, enthralling and breathtaking adventure. For a long time, I was sure of baking Massa Sovada, the sweet bread from Portugal for today. But, as I dwelt further into it, I realized two things – one, it … Continue reading Montreal Bagel