Dates Sakkara Pongal with Brown Rice

You know there is this theory about wanting something badly enough and the world conspiring to make it happen. I don’t know about that but you won’t believe the number of things that happened for this dates sakkara pongal to be made. Firstly, I watched a Netflix documentary about harmful effects of sugar. My advice – don’t watch it if you do not have the … Continue reading Dates Sakkara Pongal with Brown Rice


Tamil Breakfast Thali

I am a breakfast person. I love elaborate breakfast spreads. The variety of dishes with so many sides and drink to wash it all down with is food heaven for me and that is also my favourite part about Tamil cuisine. It lends itself beautifully to breakfast spreads and combo menus. The range of dishes and sambhars and chutneys ¬†are mind blowing and not to … Continue reading Tamil Breakfast Thali

Sakkara Pongal

  Pongal Nal Vazhthukal (Happy Pongal)! The best part of Pongal festival for me is the Sakkara Pongal which is a dish prepared with jaggery and rice. When I begun making it, I realized it was such an easy recipe and I have been making it frequently whenever the husband feels homesick.    This is my mother’s recipe and before her my grandmothter’s and so … Continue reading Sakkara Pongal