Quick Peanut Dosa

Verkadalai Dosai | Quick Peanut Dosa

A quick dosa which is easy to make and does not need any soaking or fermentation. Peanuts add some protein and a nice flavor to an instant dosa Continue reading Verkadalai Dosai | Quick Peanut Dosa


Khura |Buckwheat Pancakes

After yesterday’s sizzling street food magic of Mumbai, we are back to more traditional recipe. During one of my more experimental days, I had made a spicy version of the Neer dose and actually managed to find time to click pictures too. I was desperately trying to fit it in somewhere during this month but like I said, my blog would turn into a Karnataka … Continue reading Khura |Buckwheat Pancakes

Gavhache Dhirde

We are at the end of the first week of this Mega Marathon and today’s alphabet is ‘G’. I had quite a few choices for this alphabet but I wanted to cover as many states of India as possible and so I picked this Maharashtrian dish. There was also Ghavan from Maharashtra but I thought it would be good to give the rice family a … Continue reading Gavhache Dhirde