Garlic & Cheese Pretzels

When we lived in Malaysia, we frequented Auntie Anne’s for their delicious pretzels. The daughter and I would spend some time simply watching them behind the counter shape the pretzels with amazing accuracy and speed. She loves the soft pretzels as do I and we both always picked the savory ones as against the sweet options. So this dish is an attempt to recreate that … Continue reading Garlic & Cheese Pretzels

Flaxseed Dinner Rolls

I love dinner rolls and keep finding new recipes to make. You can have them with other dishes like pasta or if you are like me, you can have them with a slather of butter anytime of the day. These rolls taste wonderful with the flavour of herbs coming through as also the nutty flaxseed and the slight crunch of bran. Recipe adapted from here … Continue reading Flaxseed Dinner Rolls

Herbs & Garlic Rolls

All through my life I have tried to lose weight. It has mostly not worked because I would not stick to any plan for more than a week. Then I would look at people thinner than me wearing pretty clothes and sulk. This has been going on forever with no end in sight. Finally I figured out how to solve the problem. No, I am … Continue reading Herbs & Garlic Rolls

Hasselback Potatoes

I am in forever need of items that lend themselves easily to cooking for one. Lunch is a solitary affair and if there is something more boring than eating alone it is cooking for one. My perfect lunch would be tasty, easy and quick to make. So when I came across this recipe for hasselback potatoes, I knew I had struck gold. INGREDIENTS Potatoes   … Continue reading Hasselback Potatoes